Interviews - Domus

Mapping what is there

The Italian visual communication agency Studio Folder talks about a few recent projects involving mapping, research and information design.


Design / Marco Petroni


Architects in Cabo Verde

Ramos Castellano Architects recount how you work in Mindelo, São Vicente island one of the ten of the African archipelago of Cabo Verde, considered the cultural capital of the state.


Architecture / Paula Nascimento

LagosPhoto 2017

Azu Nwagbogu, LagosPhoto Festival’s artistic director reveals the contents of the 2017 edition curated by Duro Olowu, which examines the search for and presentation of truth in contemporary society.


Art / Riccarda Mandrini


Architecture in 13 cm

Giulio Iacchetti tells us about his latest challenge: as artistic director of dnd by Martinelli handles. From the firm’s new coordinated image designed by Leonardo Sonnoli to the involvement of five Italian architecture firms. With openness and pragmatism as key concepts.




Paul Smith and the octopus

At Pitti Uomo, we met the eclectic British designer who started his career with a 3-square-metre shop in Nottingham and now heads a global fashion brand distributed in 74 countries. Paul Smith continues to amaze with his unique ability to anticipate trends and movements, and not just in fashion.


Design / la redazione di Domusweb

Interview with Bijoy Jain

Bijoy Jain, architect and artist, told us about his idea of the relationship between architecture and art, craftmanship, ceremony and how Studio Mumbai is now working.


Architecture / la redazione di Domusweb