Alba Solaro and Matteo Milaneschi

The largest archive? Our brain

Stories, bulletins, archives, and nostalgia: a conversation with Alba Solaro and Matteo Milaneschi encompassing from ancient palazzi to stories being reconstrued.

Ibiza: the 1971 ICSID congress

Shortly after the congress where an inflatable Instant City provided accommodation for young students from all around the world, Domus published a series of international reactions to the event in English, Spanish and French.

Open Architecture

The redefinition of an office building in Lausanne for a major Open Science publisher has been a unique opportunity for Citterio to experiment new kinds of design possibilities.

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Opinion Opinion

Giovanni Cutolo

Why everybody should read Harari’s books

Why is the historian Yuval Noah Harari so internationally successful?

The art of built-in efficiency

Siemens has come up with a range of solutions for built-in domestic appliances that are perfectly modular and can be easily combined.

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Archive Archive

Peter Zumthor. Mass, matter and light

Museums, chapels, thermal baths, residencies and an exhibition pavilion. From 1989 Domus published the best projects by the Swiss architect.

Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Centro Botín, Santander, 2017

RPBW: Centro Botín

Designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop in Santander, Centro Botín sits elevated, half on land and half over the water, and allows an unimpeded view of the bay.