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Salone del Mobile. Milano

Discover here Domus takeover on Milan Design Week 2018. A wide overview featuring videos, interviews and insights on the best of Italian and international design.


Open Architecture

The redefinition of an office building in Lausanne for a major Open Science publisher has been a unique opportunity for Citterio to experiment new kinds of design possibilities.

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Archive Archive

Israeli landscapes

The polygonal stone blocks of the Jerusalem wall, the flowers of desert cacti, the complexities of Arab geometrical designs: all are part of the background against which Zvi Hecker's Ramot Housing complex, published in the pages of Domus in 1985, should be contemplated.

The art of built-in efficiency

Siemens has come up with a range of solutions for built-in domestic appliances that are perfectly modular and can be easily combined.

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Alba Solaro and Matteo Milaneschi

The largest archive? Our brain

Stories, bulletins, archives, and nostalgia: a conversation with Alba Solaro and Matteo Milaneschi encompassing from ancient palazzi to stories being reconstrued.