Op-ed - Domus

The chickens have come home to roost

In September’editorial Nicola Di Battista underlines the Italian’s state incapability, and the architects one, of taking care of the territory, faced with the not new but  more frequent natural disasters.


Editorial / Nicola Di Battista


Lagos bankruptcy?

Reflecting on why project economies and other pragmatic advances in Africa often appear to the world as chaos, starting from Nigeria capital city Lagos.  


Op-ed / Domus Africa Study Centre

By way of conclusion

In July-August editorial, Nicola Di Battista gets back on the theory of the architectural project that he prefers to define a way of working.


Editorial / Nicola Di Battista


No choice no more

The way in which most of our software and hardware products function is based on a steady corrosion of our ability to choose.


Op-ed / Stefania Garassini


On freedom

With May editorial Nicola Di Battista ends the reasoning on the architectural project. Awareness, imagination, profession, freedom: these are the four words chosen to represent four moments in the design process, and each one was the subject of an editorial.


Editorial / Nicola Di Battista

6 x 2 (la quarta Italia)

Great cultures are built upon great contradictions which is why Italy is one of the world’s contradictors in chief.


There’s no Italy without a thorn / Jeffrey Schnapp