17 ideas to renovate a country house

Addition or subtraction, traditional materials or innovative, disruptive choices or in line with the past. A selection of projects that have given new life to old country houses.

Studio XM (Timothee Mercier), MA House, 2019. Foto Simone Bossi

Original stone facade and neutral tones

Original stones on the facade and spaces defined by the neutral tones of white and wood: Studio XM transforms the building in Vaucluse underlining the value of craftsmanship. Read full article here.

White lime and external staircase

The single-family residence designed by Grupo Boreal is a lime-coated construction that offers a up-to-date transposition of a classic Mediterranean building typology. Read full article here.

Mashrabiyas and floor resin

The Italian architects renovate a rural architecture combining traditional techniques and markedly contemporary signs. Read full article here.

External coating and geometric rigour

For Studio Archisbang, the thickening of an existing building due to its external insulation coating is the occasion for a reflection on the architectural languages and masses. Read full article here.

Glass facade and wooden frames