Francesco Pasta

Taksim Square, an architectural battlefield

A symbolic space of state authority and the nerve of Istanbul, Taksim Square is the place where governments have tried to leave a mark, or erase that of their predecessors, generating an unresolved and indefinite public space.

Roberta Cocco

“One plus one is always more than two”

The role of women in the city of the future will be determined through an alternative approach to education. The councillor for Digitisation for the Municipality of Milan speaks about STEMintheCity.    

Expotowers of Babel

Plans to upturn three boats to form the Italian Pavilion for the Expo 2020 in Dubai met a stormy reception. It was a communicational short circuit, in a context denying space and architecture in favor of communication.

Did someone mention a healing environment?

In a quest for a new design culture for care architecture, Gideon Boie critiques the principles that guided Charles Jencks’ Maggie’s Centres project.

Troy Conrad Therrien

Future faculties

Leading American universities are witnessing an accelerated transfer of teaching from the actual physical campus to online platforms. In the future, responsibility for learning will in fact be switched from teacher to student, paving the way towards a new architecture of education.

Maria Luisa Palumbo

Polis and Climate Change Policy

COP 21 in Paris ended in a positive agreement, more for recognising the climate change problem than for its immediate effect but since many years city networks are working in the right direction. Even in contrast with central government policies and private interests.

Michele De Lucchi

Domus 1028. On Poverty