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Lilli Hollein

Oh, Vienna!

The founder and director of the Vienna Design Week, that just turned 11, questions: do we need other design weeks?

Ethel Baraona

Solo House

The project for a holiday house in the country of Franja de Aragón, Spain, of the Chilean architects Mauricio Pezo and Sofia von Ellrichshausen is both monolithic and transparent.

Yasmeen Lari

Pakistan Chulah

Designed by Yasmeen Lari, a multi-award-winning Pakistani architect, the clay stoves and kitchens made by the women who use them are hygienic and safe and have become the spaces that finally place women on “higher ground”.

Giampiero Bosoni

Architecture of adrenalin

Today's ever-larger and more complex roller-coasters are sophisticated architectures, designed to let people experience and overcome extreme sensations. Also, under the pretext of a craving for amusement, they enable a virtual desecration and demystification of the malaise of metropolitan life.

Chiara Alessi:

Small Giants

Philippa Nicole Barr:

Music and art in Tasmania

A serial killer of cities is wandering about the planet. Its name is UNESCO, and its lethal weapon is the label “World Heritage”, with which it drains the lifeblood from glorious villages and ancient metropolises, embalming them in a brand-name time warp.

Marco D’Eramo

Urbanicide in all good faith