Climate crisis in Trump's America

With Trump Revolution: Climate Crisis, the Bronx Documentary Center reminds us that, besides the coronavirus one, another emergency is still underway.

Francesco Vezzoli

I chose love for a place where there is a lack of it: Instagram

Fondazione Prada launches the project “Love Stories – A Sentimental Survey by Francesco Vezzoli”: an Instagram-based work of art that will start on May 11.

The self-portrait

Who am I? Since the myth of Narcissus, self-representation has played an important role in the art and culture of the western world, and it finally culminated in Van Gogh’s work.

Marina Abramović

When so much is taken away from us, we have to look at the things directly in front of us

Quarantine, self-confinement could become a ritual practice of lucidity. The Endurance Art godmother reveals how getting stuck tested her capabilities.