It happened today

On March 17, 1805, Napoleon proclaimed the Kingdom of Italy. Two works – a painting and a marble relief – were realized in those years. They tell the story of his coronation, in different ways, but both depicting a single man in charge. 

Those who left us in 2020

Many personalities who helped building and livening up the post-war cultural world have passed away in this 2020. For each of them, we suggest a project, a book, an exhibition, a website, to transfer a small part of the enormous cultural legacy they left us.

Mala tempora currunt et peiora premunt

The day after the devastating Syria-Turkey earthquake, works such as Silvestro Lega’s ex-voto lunettes and Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin’s Earthquake in the Crimea remind us when art has told of natural disasters and catastrophes. Those tragedies seem unstoppable over the past few years.

Andrés Jaque

We don’t inhabit environments, we are the environment

We interviewed the Chief Curator of the 13th Shanghai Biennale, entitled “Bodies of Water” who describes Biennale’s as reality-sensing-devices.


Milan hosts one of the most important masterpieces by Masaccio, Crucifixion – a work that anticipates contemporary times. On display at the Diocesan Museum in a breathtakingly theatrical setting that reconstructs the dismembered and partly lost Pisa Altarpiece.


From ancient times, art has celebrated this festive season in which roles are subverted, telling its different nuances. At the Carnival and Pierrot’s Embrace – two works of art painted a few decades apart – do so exemplarily.

Red Square

In 1916 Kandinsky painted perhaps the most famous place of the Russian nation. Today the story of that incredible and pivotal painting is linked to the hope that all squares – even those devastated by war in Ukraine – will shine again.

The Baptism of Christ

The Baptism of the Lord, whose celebration closes the liturgical season of Christmas, is the protagonist of a wonderful portrayal painted by Piero della Francesca. Faithful to the Gospels, it is an example of the Sansepolcro artist’s refined construction of images.