Magazzino Italian Art expands with a new building by Alberto Campo Baeza and Miguel Quismondo

The second pavilion reflects the linear architectural structure of the head building. It will be used for exhibitions, events and educational programs.

The Tree of Life

Emblem of the environmental revolution, compendium of life, symbol of the time that crosses us, sign of faith – let’s retrace the iconographic history of the tree, from its origins up to today.

Gianni and Joe Colombo, masters of space

In 1995, Lisa Ponti wrote a review of the exhibition at the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art of Bergamo dedicated to the Colombo brothers and to their shared artistic research on space.

Christy Lee Rogers

Art is interesting, when it is not for an elite

On the occasion of the launch, we met Christy Lee Rogers, American photographer known for her “underwater” shots in neo-baroque style, who contributed to “The New Humanity”, the new Lavazza project.

A diary about the underground worlds of Milan

Since 2018 two Italian photographers have been capturing images in Milan metro and publishing them on UnderMilano. They do continue in times of health emergency and social distancing. With them, we talked about the concept of public space, subjective perception and what happens “below” us every day.