Marion Baruch’s exhibition: from discarding to revitalization

The artist is on show at the Viasaterna Gallery in Milan, with an exhibition of recent works as the result of a constantly evolving process.

Those who left us in 2020

Many personalities who helped building and livening up the post-war cultural world have passed away in this 2020. For each of them, we suggest a project, a book, an exhibition, a website, to transfer a small part of the enormous cultural legacy they left us.


From Goya to Burne-Jones, the history of art has depicted the suffering of those who are imprisoned, in cells or in chains: images that echo Ilaria Salis’ highly topical story.

Andrés Jaque

We don’t inhabit environments, we are the environment

We interviewed the Chief Curator of the 13th Shanghai Biennale, entitled “Bodies of Water” who describes Biennale’s as reality-sensing-devices.

Guido Cagnacci

On the anniversary of his birth, we commemorate one of the most erotic painters in art history, Guido Cagnacci. From his religious works to his profane ones, the Baroque master breaks the rules of classical iconography. 


The emblematic island of the Mediterranean has been, among many things, the muse of the Italian artist Renato Guttuso, who, half a century ago, painted La Vucciria, dedicated to the ancient market of Palermo, and several corners of Santa Panagia in Syracuse. 

Albania, Land of Impressions

Today, in the midst of political ferment and often perceived solely as a country of migrants, Albania is a land rich in art and history, as depicted in the paintings of the great landscape painter Vangjush Mio, which we tell you about.