Guillermo del Toro redesigned Pinocchio and created a masterpiece

With the decisive contribution of the illustrator Gris Grimley, the filmmaker overturned Collodi’s classic by creating a hymn to disobedience that betrays the original product – but isn’t this the very meaning of creative activity?

Those who left us in 2020

Many personalities who helped building and livening up the post-war cultural world have passed away in this 2020. For each of them, we suggest a project, a book, an exhibition, a website, to transfer a small part of the enormous cultural legacy they left us.

Women for art

From Botticelli to Dali, from Raphael to Boccioni – among the many artists who have paid homage to women, there is also Rosalba Carriera, who became famous for her portraits of women where flowers had a key significance.

Andrés Jaque

We don’t inhabit environments, we are the environment

We interviewed the Chief Curator of the 13th Shanghai Biennale, entitled “Bodies of Water” who describes Biennale’s as reality-sensing-devices.


Two great paintings of the 19th century by Delacroix and Goya recount the tragedy of the shipwreck, providing a warning for what is currently happening off the Italian coast.


October is a special month that brings characteristic colours and inspirations and has been interpreted throughout the history of art in very different ways – Tissot’s female figure, von Sandrart’s Bacchus, and Filonov’s futurist forms.