Is it fair to erase London, Butturini’s book accused of racism?

Published at the end of the 1960s and loved by Martin Parr, the radical work of the Italian “against” photographer, in the middle of the BLM the book triggers great controversy for a juxtaposition between the photos of a monkey and an Afro-British ticket-taker’s one.

The course of Empire

From Thomas Cole’s evocative works to the attack on Capitol Hill – images recalling the crowds of protesters against the US Congress.

Those who left us in 2020

Many personalities who helped building and livening up the post-war cultural world have passed away in this 2020. For each of them, we suggest a project, a book, an exhibition, a website, to transfer a small part of the enormous cultural legacy they left us.

Christy Lee Rogers

Art is interesting, when it is not for an elite

On the occasion of the launch, we met Christy Lee Rogers, American photographer known for her “underwater” shots in neo-baroque style, who contributed to “The New Humanity”, the new Lavazza project.

A diary about the underground worlds of Milan

Since 2018 two Italian photographers have been capturing images in Milan metro and publishing them on UnderMilano. They do continue in times of health emergency and social distancing. With them, we talked about the concept of public space, subjective perception and what happens “below” us every day.