Nari Ward in Milan, a hymn to things and their multiple existences

In the spaces of Pirelli HangarBicocca, Nari Ward brings his multifaceted universe of objects, (anti)monuments to humanity created from a mountain of waste.

Those who left us in 2020

Many personalities who helped building and livening up the post-war cultural world have passed away in this 2020. For each of them, we suggest a project, a book, an exhibition, a website, to transfer a small part of the enormous cultural legacy they left us.

Andrés Jaque

We don’t inhabit environments, we are the environment

We interviewed the Chief Curator of the 13th Shanghai Biennale, entitled “Bodies of Water” who describes Biennale’s as reality-sensing-devices.

Exhibitions not to be missed this summer

Summer is approaching, and the desire to travel to new places or to return to the cities we love is growing stronger: from New York to Shanghai, from the Steve McQueen exhibition to the Yu Ji exhibition, here are the unmissable events for the coming months.