10 playgrounds that merge sports and art

Sports and urban arts come together to create iconic and often representative projects for the inhabitants of suburban areas around the world.

20 Ferris wheels that made history

From the Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition to Ain Dubai, a journey across the history of those fun machines that, born as temporary attractions, are nowadays often conceived as permanent, highly symbolical, architectures.

Aerodream, the spectacular history of inflatables

Art sets the pace and architecture follows

Frederic Migayrou, curator of the exhibition “Aerodream” at the Centre Pompidou-Metz, tells us the aesthetic and social evolution of these majestic inflatable structures, from Second World War until today.

Alessandro Melis addresses the criticism of his Italian Pavilion

In an open confrontation between Davide Borsa and Alessandro Melis, the issues and positive aspects of the most contested pavilion of the last Venice Biennale are brought to light.

Nüwa, a city on Mars

Resting on solid scientific and academic studies, the futuristic urban project by ABIBOO Studio with SONet challenges the hostile climate with engineering solutions supported by Artificial Intelligence.