Studio Anne Holtrop designs a site-specific facade in Bahrain

35 Green Corner Building feature structural concrete blocks, made by directly moulding the soil of the site, which thus becomes the generator of the building.

The Taxi project at MoMA

In the summer of 1976, the museum in New York hosted an exhibition, organized by Emilio Ambasz, that sought to provide a response to the problem of urban traffic and pollution through new ‘ecological’ cab projects.

Alessandro Melis

Resilient communities as an antidote to the environmental crisis

The curator of the Italian Pavilion for the next Architecture Biennale, tells us how we should inhabit the planet, also in light of the pandemic.

The architecture of Star Wars

An exploration into the design of one of the most ambitious fictional universes,  inextricably linked to reality, with brutalist inspirations, influenced by “spaghetti westerns” and the involvement of a key figure, Ralph McQuarrie.