A house inspired by old fishermen’s huts in Sweden

Three interconnected wooden modules open onto the landscape: with Field House, Lookofsky Architecture interprets traditional Swedish dwellings in a contemporary way. 

Josef Albers’ pictures of Mexico

Albers strongly believed that photography was a universal visual language, and a very important starting point for communication. Anni and Josef Albers’ travels to Mexico represent a unique opportunity to delve into the artist's artistic research.

The Lloyds’ complex and the paradoxes of the technique

Through the decades, Domus published the most relevant projects built by the Italian design master; and they are all houses, be their inhabitant a single family or a whole city.

Cino Zucchi

Can we imagine Milan as an indie city?

Zucchi reads the contemporary metropolis as the space for our multi-mode and multi-scale existence, but also as a cultural landscape shaped by the unwritten rules of a shared etiquette.