Five new devices to fight the pandemic

The international design competition jumpthegap awards five projects that make everyday life easier with innovative sanitization systems.

Eileen Gray: design pioneer

In December 1968, in the pages of Domus, Joseph Rykwert paid homage to Eileen Gray, the “remarkably sensitive” designer and incredibly neglected by critics.

The miseducation of contemporary design

Taking inspiration from the visual language and aesthetics found in decrepit urban surroundings in order to find new stimulus and inject vital energy into tired creative ambits is a consolidated practice in art and music. In design, it is more recent, but has entered galleries and museums with a disruptive stir. A few of the most distinctive flag-bearers of the phenomenon are Rooms, Virgil Abloh, Guillermo Santomà and Jerszy Seymour.

All the definitions of design

What do we talk about when we talk about design? Emanuele Quinz, art historian and curator, explains it in this essay that he wrote for Domus.

The essentials: 15 of the best hammocks

Suspension and release but also comfort and transformability. These are the characteristics that make the hammock an atypical type of furniture, a hymn to nomadic life in the open air, perfect to solicit a magnificent abstraction from time.