The essentials: 20 of the best coat racks

Whether wall-mounted, floor-standing or even suspended, apocalyptic or integrated, the coat rack is a tool for the essential order, curiously never tied to a binding dimension and capable of oscillating between moralising functionalism and imaginative evocative power.

The essentials: 15 of the best hammocks

Suspension and release but also comfort and transformability. These are the characteristics that make the hammock an atypical type of furniture, a hymn to nomadic life in the open air, perfect to solicit a magnificent abstraction from time.  

The essentials: 20 of the best vases

Emblem of a container devoted to apparent futility, the vase has accompanied humans for thousands of years. Today, it constantly renews itslef thanks to the rapid acceleration of technology, by turning characteristics that are considered unchangeable into a sensitive mirror of time.