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Peter Zumthor. Mass, matter and light

Museums, chapels, thermal baths, residencies and an exhibition pavilion. From 1989 Domus published the best projects by the Swiss architect.

Deyan Sudjic, Quando i ponti tremano. Foto Julian Anderson

The bridge that wobbled

“The ubiquity of surveillance devices has by now reached the stage in which it is self-sustaining and self-fertilising”. Bauman is the thinker who analized the Liquid Modernity

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All issues from 1928 to 2017

Charles Eames' Ovoid Theatre

The 1964-65 New York World's Fair IBM pavilion, designed by Charles Eames with Studio Saarinen, featured a suspended ovoid theatre over a canopy of steel trees, in which a multimedia show offered glimpses of the future.

In 1984, a historical review of robots, cyborgs, automatons and androids invaded New York's American Craft Museum, exploring an ancient myth deeply rooted in our imagination.

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Domus 1021

  • Editorial: Objects are our world
  • Economy: Economy and cultural production
  • Projects: David Chipperfield Architects Berlin, Neue Nationalgalerie; Neri&Hu, Tsingpu Yangzhou Retreat; Focus Earthquake: the Gordian Knot of earthquakes
  • Cinema: Skipping through time
  • Rassegna: Frame systems