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Israeli landscapes

The polygonal stone blocks of the Jerusalem wall, the flowers of desert cacti, the complexities of Arab geometrical designs: all are part of the background against which Zvi Hecker's Ramot Housing complex, published in the pages of Domus in 1985, should be contemplated.

Archizoom, good fellas

“The ubiquity of surveillance devices has by now reached the stage in which it is self-sustaining and self-fertilising”. Bauman is the thinker who analized the Liquid Modernity

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B.B.P.R. in Gabicce

In January 1971, Domus showcases a new apartment complex in Gabicce, designed by Lodovico Belgioioso, Enrico Peressutti, and Ernesto Nathan Rogers, grouped in two long buildings around a green "piazza".

In a 1969 article written for Domus, the Italian radical architecture group first expand on their principles.

Traveling on the Rio Negro

A delicate 16mm film, conserved at the Domus Archives, documents the August 1978 expedition undertaken by Pierre Restany and two artist friends, who traveled up the Rio Negro from the depths of the Brazilian Amazon to the border with Venezuela and Colombia.

Richard Sapper, Convertible personal computer IBM, 1986. Photo © Richard Saooer Design Studio

A conversation with Sapper

In this interview with Marco Romanelli, from Domus 674, Richard Sapper bears witness to the scope for design as a personally loved profession but also as one correctly practised within industrial structures and market laws.

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Domus 1022

  • Editorial: Our desire to inhabit objects
  • Archeology: Stendhal syndrome before a copy
  • Projects: SANAA, Tsuruoka Cultural Hall; Focus Uffici: Foster + Partners; SelgasCano, Home Holland Park and Spitalfields
  • Art: Adrián Villar Rojas, Housekeeping at the museum.
  • Rassegna: Comfort and Wellness