Current Issue: Domus 934


Gabriel Kuri, Concrete pie, 2009


Flavio Albanese. The fragility of architecture and the architecture of fragility

News, events, competitions, projects

Edited by Elena Sommariva

A solid garden

The Rolex Learning Center in Lausanne does not alter the landscape with its form: it is part of it. Design Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa / SANAA Text Flavio Albanese. Photos Iwan Baan

Container medical compound, Khartoum

In Sudan, old containers have been converted into living units: a reference to the project’s ethical value. Design tamassociati with Pietro Parrino, Gino Strada. Text Raul Pantaleo. Photos Yard Photo, Raul Pantaleo

Casa come noi

The archetype of the suburban house as an ironic view of bourgeois living. Design Mauricio Pezo, Sofia von Ellrichshausen Text Stefano Casciani. Photos Cristobal Palma

Roof House, Shiga

Primordial thought and nature resonate in the house with many roofs that culminate in a tree. Design Terunobu Fujimori + Hiroshi Nakatani. Text Salvator-John Lotta. Photos Alessio Guarino

Social housing for the elderly, Barcelona

An architecture rooted in the Mediterranean tradition. Design Sergi Serrat, Ginés Egea, Cristina Garcia. Text Laura Bossi. Photos Adrià Goula, Ferran Nadeu

Pittman Dowell Residence, Los Angeles

A critical alternative to the romantic notion of modernism. Design Michael Maltzan. Text David van der Leer. Photos Iwan Baan

Korean Buddhist Cultural Center, Gongju, South Korea

Emptiness becomes the essence of timeless architecture. Design Seung H-Sang, Iroje Architects & Planners. Text Hyungmin Pai. Photos Kim Jong-oh

Airport, lleida-Alguaire

In northen Spain, west of Barcelona, Lleida’s new airport opts to blend in with the landscape. Design Fermín Vázquez – b720 Arquitectos. Text Anat Xu Zabalbeascoa. Photos Filippo Poli

Villa Poletti, Lanzo d’Intelvi

Nicola De Ponti sets up a dialogue between the structure of a villa designed by Sommaruga and the contemporary needs of four clients. Design Nicola De Ponti - Astori De Ponti Associati. Text Cecilia Fagiani. Photos Matteo Cirenei

Top ten sensors

Ten of last year’s most interesting, lively and curious contributions from domusweb’s “antennae”. Design, photos D. Cogliandro, J. Corso, M. C. De Benedetti, E. A. De Vivo, M. Eggers, M. Eti Proto, M. Gambardella, M. Grasso, S. Jargin, N. Vargas. Edited by Elena Sommariva

The custodians of the children’s hospital

A group of animal sculptures made of rattan welcomes children to the paediatric clinic built by Emergency in Bangui, the capital of Central African Republic. Design tamassociati/Raul Pantaleo-Massimo Lepore- Simone Sfriso, Francis Grongo. Text Francesca Picchi. Photos Raul Pantaleo

Design elementare

Design by Normal Studio has never been a gratuitous gesture. Design Jean-François Dingjian & Eloi Chafaï. Text Maria Cristina Tommasini. Photos Morgane Le Gall, Normal Studio

Young Design Report 5

Design and self-production: an almost compulsory route for young designers. Design Anja Eder & Michael Römer, Elisa Fouin. Text Maria Cristina Tommasini. Photos Patricia Eichert, Elise Fouin, Christopher Young

In Absentia

Rome plays host to the metaphysical spaces of Philip Wiegard, the talented sculptor of furniture and objects that evoke ephemeral atmospheres. Design Philip Wiegard. Text Xavier Laboulbenne

Things that vanish

The total work according to Seth Price. Eternally balanced between present symbol and meaning. Design Seth Price. Text Vincenzo Latronico

Gabriel Kuri Special Art Section

Six ideas, six stories, six objects. Text Dieter Roelstraete


An overview of work by young architects uncovers the up-and-coming forces in architecture: Plan: b/Medellín, Atelier Kempe Thill/Rotterdam, Suppose Design Office/Hiroshima, Adamo-Faiden Arquitectos/Buenos Aires, MOS/New York. Graphic design Onlab. Edited by Francesca Picchi

Control and choice

Archigram’s environmental proposal for the Paris Biennale in 1967. Text Luigi Spinelli. Photos Archivi Domus

Less is future. The IBA Stadtumbau 2010

Rassegna: Edilizia. Solutions that respect the environment

Edited by Maria Cristina Tommasini