Submit your project

You can now share your project in a few simple steps.
The editorial staff of Domus will carefully examine it and consider the possibility of publishing it on the website.

To propose a project, you must log in to the website and fill out a form providing the following information:

  • name of project
  • name of studio (if available)
  • link to the studio’s website
  • URL where the materials have been uploaded*
    (Dropbox, Drive, WeTransfer without expiry date, etc.)
  • category of project (e.g. Architecture, Design, Interiors, Other)
  • upload a brief project description (max 10 MB, PDF or Word)

*What materials to upload, and how
The folder containing the uploaded materials should be labelled with the name of the studio and the title of the project (e.g. Studio Smith – House by the Sea). The folder should be organised with the following subfolders: Photos, Drawings, Texts, Videos.

High-quality images in .jpg format, from a minimum of 2000 px in width.
Photos can be named to your liking, but you are obliged to indicate photographic credits correctly. In the case of renovation projects, photos prior to the intervention are also welcome. GIFs will be accepted.

If available, provide a selection of technical drawings (plans, sections, elevations, axonometric projections, illustrations, sketches) in .pdf or .jpg format of at least 2000 px in width. The name of the file should indicate the type of drawing (e.g. north-elevation.jpg).

Project description and project credits (it is essential to indicate the completion date), preferably in Word, or PDF format.

If available, .mpeg and .mov formats are accepted, as well as links (without restrictions) to the online platforms YouTube and Vimeo.

We ask you to read and accept the terms and conditions regarding the submission of materials.