Top 10 interiors of 2018

A look at the best interiors published this year with a selection of the top trends of 2018.

De Vylder Vinck Tailleu, 2018

Dark spaces

After a century of light and white, a certain propensity to darkness returns. Whether it’s a metaphor of our times or simply a little-explored trend, there are many projects this year that use darker tones but with a warm effect. The key colours are black, burgundy, midnight blue and velvet green, always accompanied by gold accents. An example for all is the project of an apartment in Kiev by Studio Marra Group.

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Sci-fi and retrofuturism

Cultural spaces, offices, bars and even airports. Shy attempts at new languages are being experimented almost everywhere, but always within the safe “reference to the past”. After the 30s and 40s mania, there are those who dared more, borrowing the look to the future of the 60s (the most innovative years ever) and 80s, to give shape to new visions. Representative of the genre is the interior of Didier Fiuza Faustino for the cultural space Zebrastraat in Ghent, Belgium.

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Also for 2018 the masters of collage are Spanish studios, with projects increasingly refined and defined. These are domestic spaces that balance low-cost solutions, historical references and innovative uses of traditional building materials, with the ‘unfinished’ final effect. Every centimetre is custom-made and personalized in a creative way, suggesting a certain harmony between the client, the designer and the builder. Below is the terraced house of SMS Architects in Palma de Mallorca.

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More pink

The millenial pink, which has gone from pastel tones to fluo and the very recent Living Coral by Pantone, is a cultural phenomenon that still survives. In 2016 we collected a sample of projects soaked in pink, but in the meantime the list has grown longer. The pink interior that we propose is a residence for the elderly that uses this color for its warm and calming character. It is a building of Dominique Coulon & Associés in Huningue, France.

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Critic house

Furniture, lighting and colour can be a way to tell society and politics. The history of a place can be re-read and given back in new ways. The architect can use the available tools to make critical statements about his/her time. This is the case with a house built during the Spanish economic boom of the 1990s, renovated by Casanovas Blanco studio in Barcelona.

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Inserting a large cylindrical body into the interior has been one of the gestures of 2018. In addition to the showrooms, where dressing rooms are housed in these cylinders, houses also renounce to open space in favor of more dynamism. The flows are redefined, and the circular partitions create unconventional spaces. Din-a-ka is an apartment in Taipei designed by Wei Yi International Design Associates for a retired couple.

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