Top 10 houses of 2018

As the year draws to a close we revisit the best projects that have come across our desks in last 12 months. Kickstarting our Best of 2018 series, we reveal our pick of the top houses of the year.

The Glass House by OFIS Arhitekti

Glass and mirror aren't typically the most dersert-appropriate material choices. OFIS built the prototype for a glass manufacturer seeking to test out the structural and thermal capibilities of its product. The windy, hot conditions of the Gorafe desert in Andalucia, Spain, are the testbed for the performance of triple glazed that offer 360° views of its surroundings. 

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Casa Plana by MK27

Never neglecting to capitalise on the "fifth facade", MK27 installed solar panels, skylights and a lawn on the broad flat roof for this house it designed in Porto Feliz, Brazil, making it a continuation of the property's landscaping. 

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Yuyao Treewow Tribe by Monoarchi

Traditional bamboo construction techniques are given a contemporary form for this tiny house with an undulating roof in a bamboo forest in China's Zhejiang Province. 

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Swiss House Rossa by Davide Macullo and Daniel Buren

A billboard for contemporary colour trends, this collaboration between the artist Daniel Buren and Davide Macullo sees the wavey walls of this house in Lugano, Switzerland, acts as a "living sculpture" with a two-toned facade of Millennial pink and Neo mint.

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House in a Garden by Gianni Botsford Architects