20 prefab houses not to miss

Small, large, cheap, expensive, in the woods or by the sea; we have compiled a list of the most beautiful prefabricated homes that have appeared in Domusweb over the past years. With one common denominator: practicality. 

Yō no Ie House by Muji

Designed for all generations but with an eye to the aging population, the new prefabricated house that Japanese clothing and design brand Muji has launched in 2020 is called “Yō no Ie House” (“simple house”). The structure is configured as a large functional open space on a single 80sqm level plus a 20sqm outdoor patio. The choice of wood cladding is inspired by the principles of sustainability and is intended to instil an sense of tranquility. 

Hotel Sacromonte by MAPA Architects

In this project for a hotel in Uruguay, each 60sqm unit is divided into a main area, oriented towards the landscape and containing the sleeping and living spaces, and a service area with bathroom, fireplace and kitchen. Only the walls are built on site with local materials, but the metal and prefabricated structure is produced in Montevideo in about ten weeks and then assembled on site.  

Vida Modular by Set Ideas

Built with standard materials available on the local market, these small prefabs designed by argentinian studio Set Ideas, stand on three modules of 3x4, 4x6, 3x8, 4x12 metres which can be recombined at will. The modules can function as a home, an office and a shed in nature, adapting to the specifics of the contexts. 

Yellow House by Alejandro Soffia

This house raised above the ground in the Chilean forests, designed by architect Alejandro Soffia, is a wooden structure that minimises its footprint and it is designed using prefabricated panels measuring 122x244 cm to facilitate construction and reduce energy impact. On the outside, the house is clad in corrugated yellow metal sheets, thus giving the house its name. 

Diogene by Renzo Piano

On the occasion of Art Basel 2013, Renzo Piano designed this completely self-sufficient living prototype on the Vitra Campus, in the green area in front of the VitraHaus. It is not a finished product, but an experimental apparatus designed to test the potential of a tiny house. With a surface area of 2.40 x 2.96 metres, it can be loaded onto a truck fully assembled and furnished and transported to any location.

House on the roof by Studio Wood

Studio Wood designed a modular structure on the roof of a 366 square metre house in New Delhi, India. They opted for the reuse of container walls. The exoskeleton consists of metal beams covered with lightened steel panels. The construction process began with a grid of beams placed on the roof to raise the floor off the ground. This project is a multifunctional house: it can be used as a studio during the day and as a place for entertainment at night. The space is divided into three zones: a completely outdoor one, a semi-open porch and a closed room. 

Shelters for Hotel Bjornson by Ark-Shelter

ArkShelter’s units - modular and prefabricated - are a building prototype widely experimented by the studio, which wants to propose a new way of living in contact with nature: they have in fact been placed in different contexts, from fields to lakes and forests. The individual units are blocks of 75sqm each and are composed of two modules, to be connected or separated as needed by a sliding wall.

Gomos by Summary