This month Domus 1025

Guido Guidi, David Chipperfield, Cino Zucchi, Mario Cucinella, OMA, B&B Italia, Panotec, Toscanini, Palazzo Butera

Domus 1025, cover

Artwork by Mauro Bubbico

Domus 1025

Cover: Artwork by Mauro Bubbico

2017 © FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano


Is it a factory?
Thanks to the FAI, the most enduring salt factory in Sardinia tells stories of landscapes and workers. Photos by Andrea Mariniello

Alberto Garutti, Ca’ Corniani project


Alberto Garutti, Ca’ Corniani Project
Winner of the Avant-garde Land competition, Alberto Garutti has conceived three manifesto-works, in which art is at the service of the community and landscape. Text by Anna Detheridge

Guido Guidi


Walking with Guido Guidi
Pesaro. The photographer interprets the landscape that stretches along the edges of a cycle-pedestrian path, which was recently donated to the Marches city by the IFI firm. Text by Lucia Miodini

Richard Parker è a Latronico (“Richard Parker is at Latronico”, 2009) by Giuseppe Teofilo, a series of warnings of the supposed escape of a dangerous tiger, troubling the apparent peace of the place


The making of art
In over 10 years, artists working with the inhabitants have turned Latronico, a village in Basilicata into an outdoor museum of public art. Text by Pasquale Campanella

On of the “Seven Courtyards” space at Farm Cultural Park. Photo Sandro Scalia


Favara Farm Cultural Park. A non-linear sequence
In Sicily, in the historic centre of Favara, a series of buildings and places become a cultural space uniting the past and contemporaneity. Text by Santo Giunta

The C&B factory (later B&B Italia) designed by Afra and Tobia Scarpa. Courtesy B&B Italia


Designer factories
In Novedrate, the B&B Italia campus combines top-quality architecture with top-quality production. A creative hub rooted in a territory of outstanding artisan skills.
Text by Maria Teresa Feraboli

Giorgetti factory. Photo Alberto Tagliabue


Well-tempered wood
In Meda, the Giorgetti firm, has been a network of design, professionalism and production for 120 years. With an archive containing artisan know-how and the foresight of perfect forms. Text by Cristiana Colli

David Chipperfield, set design at the Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza. Photo Mario Carrieri


David Chipperfield Architects Works 2018. Basilica Palladiana
Vicenza. A show of DCA’s recent projects and works in progress: an outstanding display attesting to the collaboration with Italian firms. Text by David Chipperfield

Panotec. Photo Filippo Romano


4.0 eco-packaging. Panotec
In the province of Treviso, a furnishing company with a 100-year history and its packaging supplier come together to create innovative machinery that eliminates cardboard waste. Photos by Filippo Romano

Arpa Industriale. Photo Filippo Romano


Discovering the Phoenix bird. Arpa Industriale
Manufactured using nanotechnology and new-generation acrylic resins, Fenix NTM® is a material that will revolutionise interior design. Photos by Filippo Romano


A hanger under the suit
The fourth generation of a family firm in the province of Vercelli has developed a standard modern archetype in 4000+ permutations to indulge the very contemporary need of personalisation

Immagine Archivio ASG Superconductors


The ITER of superconductors. ASG
In the port of La Spezia, today the world’s most sophisticated superconducting magnet are being produced. An Italian excellence, thanks to a long tradition of research and the skills developed with CERN in Geneva

Vetri Speciali. Photo D’Orsi Studio


Of water and fire. Vetri Speciali
The process of reindustrialising the ex-Whirlpool factory has launched the company
into the realm of state-of-the-art technology, earning it the nickname of the “Ferrari of glassware”

Tech-Pol. Photo Studio Zagnoli and Studio PDP


Smart tear. Tech-pol
In the province of Ancona, a family-run firm supplies injection moulding for leading global players in the automotive sector, using a technology called “metal replacement”

Distilleria Varnelli. Image courtesy of Distilleria Varnelli


The spirit of the Marches
After four generations and 150 years of history since its foundation, the first distillery of the Marches region is a global success

Gothic Hall, Palazzo Butera, Palermo. Photo Sandro Scalia


Art Rooms
Palermo. In 2016 Massimo and Francesca Valsecchi acquired Palazzo Butera. They commissioned an architectural and museographic project that will open the historic building to the public. Text by Anne and Patrick Poirier

Cino Zucchi Architetti, Lavazza Headquarters, Turin. Photo Andrea Martiradonna


Cino Zucchi Architetti, Urban cloud
Turin. With an extensive architectural development as the pivot of redevelopment of the Aurora district, the Lavazza company has created an advanced project of spaces for cultural and social life. Text by Laura Milan

Mario Cucinella Architects, Golinelli “Arts and Sciences” Centre, Bologna, 2017. Photo Moreno Maggi


Mario Cucinella Architects. An art incubator
Bologna. The pavilion of the “Arts and Sciences” centre completes the Golinelli Foundation: a flexible space for exhibitions and events. Text by Matteo Agnoletto

OMA, Prada Foundation, Milan, 2018. Photo Filippo Romano


Prada and the city
On the outskirts of Milan, the Prada Foundation’s Torre is the landmark of the future city. Text by Ada Masoero

I cormorani by Fabio Bobbio. © Strani Film


Film Set Italy
Between industry and imaginary: the cinema recounts Italian landscapes. Text by Eleonora Mastropietro

View of Italy, in La geografia a colpo d’occhio: ossia primarie nozioni di geografia storica e statistica, esposta in 16 tavole, plate. XVI, F. Corbetta editore e litografo, Milan s.d. [1853]. Boston Public Library, Norman B. Leventhal Map Collection

Post Scriptum

“Before any work or any capital, when things are still neglected and unknown within nature, it is intelligence which starts the job, and gives them the seal of wealth for the first time. […]”