Current Issue: Domus 871


Magazines like ours construct simulacra. These virtual spaces offer the reader the chance to inhabit visually and explore with the mind architecture he or she will probably never physically experience...


Edited by Laura Bossi, Elena Sommariva

Living in a total work of art

A floating exhibition

Message in a bottle from the Isla (In)Feliz

Back to Utopia Station

Giancarlo De Carlo. The Fair of all Fairs

Some thoughts on Italian design

OMA. Seattle Central Library

OMA’s building, unashamedly sculptural yet surprisingly pragmatic, redefines the relationship between information and public space. Edited by Joseph Grima, Kayoko Ota. Text by Matthew Stadler, Michael Sanchez. Photography by Armin Linke

Forum 2004 Barcelona. On està en Roig? Where is Roig?

Catalan architect Joan Roig takes us on a tour of one of Europe’s biggest urban projects. Edited by Rita Capezzuto. Photography by Francesco Jodice

Bruno Latour. Which politics for which artifacts?

The unexpected consequences of designing artifacts

NOX. Son-O-House

The space designed by NOX is a sort of interactive sculpture which physically interacts with the people visiting it. Text by Arjen Mulder. Photography by Red Saunders

Michele De Lucchi. A cumbersome cabinet to organize a room

Aluminium at the service of furniture. Edited by Maria Cristina Tommasini. Photography by Donato Di Bello

Frank O. Gehry. The elastic comfort of a chair made entirely of aluminium

Inspiration turns into homage. Edited by Francesca Picchi. Photography by Mikio Sekita, Eames Demetrios

Junya Ishigami. Superstretch Table

Prestressed sheet metal for an unusually large table. Text by Yoshiyuki Ishii. Photography by Junya Ishigami & Associates

Peter Traag. An armchair generated by chance

An innovative polyurethane armchair. Edited by Francesca Picchi. Text by Massimo Morozzi, Peter Traag. Photography by Emilio Tremolada, Peter Traag

Interview: Richard Hamilton

Hans Ulrich Obrist interviews Richard Hamilton. Portrait and photographs by Ugo Mulas

Philippe Parreno. A new dimension in living

Special effects, doubling up, cloning: the consequences of living in an After Effect age

The city of statues

Turin claims to be the “city of statues”, for its large number of monuments and the significant role they play in the city’s urban fabric. Text by Francesco Poli. Photography by Dario Lanzardo

Looking the other way?

15 hours is how long the latest work by Maurizio Cattelan survived. Text by Caroline Corbetta. Photography by Attilio Maranzano

Post-it: Books

Edited by Gianmario Andreani

Austria’s provincial architects

Globalization in architecture

Le Corbusier’s free spirit

Rassegna: The new kitchen

Edited by Maria Cristina Tommasini


El Topo: Roberto Cuoghi

Edited by Maurizio Cattelan, Massimiliano Gioni e Ali Subotnick (Wrong Gallery)