10 best renovation projects of 2021

A selection of projects among the many we published this year, from public bath houses to private villas, all over the world.

Toon & Ina, Atelier Vens Vanbelle, Ghent, 2019

The poetry of the English countryside between barns and spas

The refined restoration of a rural hamlet by Richard Parr Associates adds to the process of promoting one of Somerset's most evocative hospitality venues. The latest in a series of restoration and development projects on an 800-acre site, the 2,000 square metre farm hamlet comprising nine historic buildings, which looks like something out of a Jane Austen book, is now an enchanting place of hospitality with 17 suites, a restaurant, an indoor swimming pool and spa, a bar, a games room and a shelter for bicycles and electric vehicles.
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KAAN Architecten completes the main phase for Antwerp’s Royal Museum of Fine Arts

The extension is grafted inside the existing museum and it leaves its silhouette unchanged, stressing the importance of the institution as a permanent presence in the city’s rapidly transforming landscape. KAAN Architecten have been working on the renovation and extension of Antwerp’s Royal Museum of Fine Arts since 2003, when they won the competition launched by the Flemish government. The building is a typical example of large scale 19th century museum.
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A striking interior for an anonymous villa in the Swiss countryside

Bureau Brisson reinterprets the interior of a three-storey villa, fluidifying the passage between rooms with new openings and extending the combinations of finishes beyond expectations. Based on the input received from the owners, the architects rethinks a small three-level villa through an intervention focused on the ground floor.
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An escheresque house created out of two historic buildings in Ghent