Past Present Future: video interview with Cino Zucchi

Past Present Future is a series of interviews by Gianpiero Venturini from Itinerant Office. Cino Zucchi is the seventh of the architects to be interviewed.

Cino Zucchi, D residential building, ex Junghans area

“An architecture is a kaleidoscope, where you can see whatever you want to see. It attracts many people because of its crystal reflections of many other disciplines. It’s some kind of a big pizza or pot. And I think I was also attracted by it because is a place where many different things get together and get relationships.”

The seventh instalment of the “Past Present Future” series is a conversation with Italian architect Cino Zucchi.

Interview with Cino Zucchi


“I would like an architecture to be beautiful as a Belle and Sebastian song or Toy Story 3. Pixar is able to do a marvellous technical product with many levels of understanding. It can please a four years old kid, but also somebody who is 61 like me. In Toy Story 3 you have Fisher Price telephones which only my generation knows. The person who designed that, squinted the eye to my generation. This is marvellous. Old architectures were kaleidoscopes, like cathedrals. They had something for everybody.”

Interview with Cino Zucchi


“Because technology is very fast, the city has to be slow. Some parts of it will evolve very fast, but not the city as whole. Otherwise we should destroy and re-do the city every 30 years.”

“Past, Present, Future: About being an architect yesterday, today and beyond” is a series of video interviews conducted by Itinerant Office. Eleven internationally renowned architects have been asked to talk about their own past, present and future, exploring the figure of the architect and his or her role in contemporary society.

Interview with Cino Zucchi



Past, Present, Future: About being an architect yesterday, today and beyond
A project by:
Itinerant Office
Gianpiero Venturini
Filmed by:
Luca Chiaudano
With the support of:
The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Italy and the Creative Industries Fund NL

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