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Kengo Kuma, Alejandro Aravena, Maria Giuseppina Grasso Cannizzo, Studio Anna Heringer, Kéré Architecture, TAMassociati, El Equipo Mazzanti, Cherubino Gambardella, Matra Architects, David Chipperfield Architects Milan, Kristel Peters, Liveinslums, Francesco Arena

Domus 1028

Illustration by The Blue Chemist

Domus 1028

Cover illustration: The Blue Chemist

Archaeology. Facsimile of Griffoni Polyptych in the Chapel of Saint Vincent Ferrer,  in the Basilica of San Petronio, Bologna. © Otto Lowe, Factum Foundation


Vera Icona. True image
“To thine own self be true.” William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act-1, Scene-III. Presented by Adam Lowe & Charlotte Skene Catling

Portfolio. Filippo Romano, Water tanks, Mathare


Filippo Romano, Water tanks, Mathare
In Mathare ghetto, Nairobi, where a litre
of water costs twice as much as in the rich Westlands district, the concrete sheds of the water tanks become gathering places, small squares

Studio Visit. Alexander Brodsky. Photo Andrea Caputo

Studio visit

Alexander Brodsky
Informal organisation and a cross-territorial combination of elements characterise the studio of the Russian architect

Institution. Kengo Kuma, V&A Dundee. Photo Hufton + Crow


Kengo Kuma, V&A
Kuma’s architecture creates relationships, flows and circulation. The V&A Dundee acts like a gate between river and city. Presented by Paola Nicolin

Economy. Photo Teresa Giannico


Robust growth has to be inclusive
In Italy, absolute poverty mainly concerns young people and must be confronted with determination. Text by Linda Laura Sabbadini

Archive. Sulphur concrete blocks, circa 1972. Minimum Cost Housing Group fonds Collection Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal


Minimum Cost Housing Group sulphur concrete blocks. Presented by the Canadian Centre for Architecture

Dear Domus. Valerio Recchioni

Cara Domus

Valerio Recchioni
Dear Michele, I am a student of architecture and a regular reader of Domus. I learned about your “Dear Domus” initiative and I would like to take part in it with my series of architectural collages ironically called Genius Disloci.



Deyan Sudjic, What’s luxury?
Luxury embodies a paradox, of the ordinary made special, and the special become ordinary

Poverty. Zhang Lei (AZL Architects), Ruralation Shenaoli Library, Tonglu, Zhejiang Province, China, 2014-2015. Photo by Yao Li


Michele De Lucchi, Poverty
The shift of poverty from a condition of material difficulty to a terrain of authenticity and simplicity of form

Architecture. Elemental’s project for the Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo in Buenos Aires. © Elemental


Franco Raggi, Alejandro Aravena. Practice as theory
From conflicts to proposals. From urban “density” to urban “intensity”. From differences to incremental scarcity. Alejandro Aravena and his idea of architecture focused squarely on the quality of life

Architecture. Giuseppina Grasso Cannizzo, House in Modica, Italy, 2018. Photo Giulia Bruno


Maria Giuseppina Grasso Cannizzo, Two houses in Sicily
Conservative restoration as design practice. Text by Pippo Ciorra

Architecture. Kéré Architecture, Gando Library, Burkina Faso, 2011-ongoing


Imparare dalla povertà
Service architectures in emerging countries are becoming a terrain and ideal training ground for design experimentation

Architecture. Equipo Mazzanti, Marinilla Educational Park, Colombia, 2015. Photo Rodrigo Davila


El Equipo Mazzanti, Marinilla Educational Park, Colombia
The project confirms El Equipo Mazzanti’s flair for designing architecture that becomes a valued public space

Architecture. Cherubino Gambardella, Vocational school, Kelle sur Mer, Senegal, 2017. Photo Nicola Tranquillo


Cherubino Gambardella, Vocational school, Kelle sur Mer, Senegal
A vocational school recalls the first elementary and mysterious project for Casa Malaparte on the island of Capri. Text by Maria Gelvi

Architecture. Matra Architects, Wood House, Satkol, Nanital, India, 2013. Edmund Sumner


Matra Architects, Casa in legno, Satkol, Nanital, India
The Indian studio breathes life into a series of domestic, intimate and traditional interiors immersed in the mountain landscape of the Himalayas

Architecture. David Chipperfield, Architects Milan, SSENSE, Montreal, Canada, 2018. Photo Dominik Hodel


David Chipperfield Architects Milan, SSENSE, Montreal, Canada
When everything is empty, pure and essential, even the poorest and most banal material can be sumptuous and precious

Essay. Paolo Gasparoli, Crisis is a time of great opportunity. Photo Gaia Cambiaggi


Paolo Gasparoli, Crisis is a time of great opportunity
We need to change the paradigm: passing from restoration once the damage has occurred, to maintenance and prevention with simple technologies

Design. Kristel Peters, Growing shoes. Photo © COJAK


Kristel Peters, Growing shoes
Mycelium cultivation offer the footwear industry a simple and sustainable alternative. Text by Filip Bullens

Strategic design. Livingslum. Photo Francesco Giusti

Strategic Design

A social farm utopia in Mathare surrounded by waste and garbage. Text by Elisabetta Bianchessi

Fashion. Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons, oversize sweater from the Holes collection, 1982


Maria Luisa Frisa, Aesthetics of poverty
Can we speak of poor fashion? Yes, if it’s understood as the work of designers who break the rules, reasserting fashion’s role in the formation of our values of reference

Art. Francesco Arena, 92 centimetri su oggetti (la ringhiera di Pinelli). Photo Massimo Valicchia. Courtesy of the artist. Private collection


Authenticity is vital. A conversation with Francesco Arena
Francesco Arena (Torre Santa Susanna, Brindisi, 1978) has the gift of clarity. His sculptures and installations comprise basic geometric forms and everyday objects organised within simple actions

Best of. Photo Little Sisters of Jesus. © Andrea Büttner / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018

Best of

“The intersection of poverty and architecture, and the role of architecture in addressing poverty and social exclusion, are widely misunderstood.” Alan Mallach

Cinema. Scenes from the film The Disappearance of Robin Hood. © ETH Zurich U-TT


Robin Hood Gardens. Disappearing worlds
The film by Urban-Think Tank reminds us that the Smithsons’s ideas about the ties between buildings, users and architectural sites no longer have the value they once did. Presented by Piero Golia

On the couch. Massimo Bottura. lllustration Vincenzo De Cecco

On the couch

The chef Massimo Bottura talks about his battle against waste, the product of a world that no longer recognises quality, restraint and beauty. Presented by
Walter Mariotti





Meteorology. Diagram by Philippe Rahm


Architecture’s grandeur is linked to the amount of energy mobilised: the architecture of the Early Middle Ages was built with human muscle suffering. Twentieth century architecture is boosted by carbon energies and cranes. Presented by Philippe Rahm

Travel. Village in masonry at Ribta, north of Djibouti. Ilaria Bollati


Djibouti. Flexibility and tribal values
In the Horn of Africa, the idea of the home often takes the form of an open space; the house is a place of collective appropriation. Text and photos by
Ilaria Bollati

Rassegna. Building Envelopes. Photo Andrea Jemolo


The poetry of Tadao Ando’s raw concrete
Luigi Cocco, the engineer who has always worked alongside Ando in his Italian projects, guides us in a close-up look at the construction techniques used by the Japanese master. Edited by Giulia Guzzini

Auction. One of the 130 objects and furnishings designed by Dieter Rams


Technology ages fast, because lifestyles change and progress never stops. However, exceptions to this rule are the essential, beautiful and authentic objects designed by Dieter Rams for Braun