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Álvaro Siza, Tadao Ando, Michel Rojkind, Focus: Minimalism, Issey Miyake, Nico Vascellari/TarekAtoui

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The Blue Chemist

Domus 1023

Cover illustration: The Blue Chemist

Working on a facsimile of the Hall of Beauties in the Factum Arte workshop. Photo © Oak Taylor-Smith

Archaeology. Meditation over time

Silence and eternity.
“The rest is silence.” Hamlet’s last words. William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act 5, Scene 2. Edited by Adam Lowe & Charlotte Skene Catling

Giulio Iacchetti and Emmanuel Zonta. Ossi/Ossimori. Probably an ulna, ebony wood, 34.5x5.5x4.5 cm


Giulio Iacchetti and Emmanuel Zonta, Ossi/Ossimori.
This Portfolio features a project that will be on display at the Galleria
Luisa Delle Piane in Milan for the Fuorisalone 2018.

St Romuald’s cell at Camaldoli, in the province of Arezzo. © 2018. Foto Scala, Firenze

Anthropology. Objects & Beheaviour

The silence of our gods.
Silence is not only a passive condition but a creative opportunity to construct our space,our representations and ourselves. Text by Francesca Sbardella

Studio Visit: RCR Arquitectes. Foto Andrea Caputo

Studio visit

RCR Arquitectes.
RCR is a tripartite microcosm featuring offices for designing; a foundation for recording; and a “Lab” combining nature and dreams. Edited by Andrea Caputo

OMA – Rem Koolhaas, Lafayette Anticipations. Fondation d’entreprise Galerie Lafayette, Paris France, 2018. © Delfino Sisto Legnani e Marco Cappelletti


And yet it moves.
Lafayette Anticipations is a new exhibition machine designed by Rem Koolhaas and OMA in the heart of Paris. Edited by Paola Nicolin

Robert Burley, Playing field of Riverdale Park next to Don Valley Parkway, Toronto, Ontario 1984. Chromogenic colour print 38.0x48.1 cm. Canadian Centre for Architecture © Robert Burley


Silence in the city.
Robert Burley’s photographs describe the ambiguous condition of parks when overlooked by other urban infrastructures. Edited by the Canadian Centre for Architecture

Cara Domus. Rui Agnelo

Dear Domus

This page features readers’ thoughts, ideas, criticism and opinions. Send us your letters, drawings and photos by mail or email. Write to us!

Álvaro Siza, Anastasis church, Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande, France, 2018. Photos Duccio Malagamba


Álvaro Siza, Anastasis church, Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande, France.
A closed solid, composed of perfectly orthogonal elements, encloses an interior of slabs, planes and volumes that break up the light shed from above. Photos by Duccio Malagamba

Tadao Ando, Church in Hiroo, Tokyo, Japan, 2014. Photos by Shigeo Ogawa


Tadao Ando, Church in Hiroo, Tokyo.
Ando exacerbates the perspective with converging walls to focus the attention on the Christian symbol. Floors and ceilings treated with a glossy finish reflect the light in a beam that continues in space. Photos by Shigeo Ogawa

Hans van der Laan, St. Benedictusberg Abbey, Vaals, The Netherlands, 1986. Photo Frans de la Cousine

Focus: Minimalism

Formal purity, conceptual abstraction, material naturalness and chromatic reduction are combined in rigorously austere spaces





Hans van der Laan, St. Benedictusberg Abbey, Vaals, The Netherlands, 1986. Photo Frans de la Cousine

Focus: Minimalism

Hans van der Laan, St. Benedictusberg Abbey, Vaals, The Netherlands.
Dom Hans Van der Laan was a monk who anticipated the sensitivity of the Minimalist culture in his contemporary religious-building designs. Photos Frans de la Cousine

John Pawson, Abbey of Our Lady, NovýDvůr, Czech Republic, 2014. Photo Hisao Suzuki

Focus: Minimalism

John Pawson, Abbey of Our Lady, Nový Dvůr, Czech Republic.
John Pawson’s work rigorously visits the fundamentals of architecture to generate simple and modest expressions. Photos Hisao Suzuki

Claudio Silvestrin Architects, Rocca Sinibalda Castle, Rieti, Italy, 2013

Focus: Minimalism

Claudio Silvestrin Architects, Castle of Rocca Sinibalda, Rieti, Italy.
Claudio Silvestrin’s aphorisms define his work as a quest for honesty, austerity, simplicity and calm.

Vincent Van Duysen Architects, TR Residence, Knokke, Belgium, 2016. Photo Hélène Binet

Focus: Minimalism

Vincent Van Duysen Architects, TR Residence, Knokke, Belgium.
Vincent Van Duysen incorporates furnishings into his architecture and employs shadow, half-light, dark colours and shafts of light in his compositions. Photos Hélène Binet

Yona Friedman, Sculpting the void, sketches

Visual essay

Yona Friedman, Sculpting the void

Anechoic chambers at the Joint Research Centre in Ispra, in the province of Varese. Photo Delfino Sisto Legnani and Marco Cappelletti

Silence. Emptiness

Anechoic chambers.
Can absolute silence be constructed? The anechoic chambers (from the Greek
term meaning “free of echo”) at the Joint Research Centre in Ispra are lab spaces created to minimise the reflection of sound off the walls. Photos Delfino Sisto Legnani and Marco Cappelletti

Rojkind Arquitectos, Foro Boca, Veracruz, Mexico, 2017. Photo Jaime Navarro. Courtesy of Rojkind Arquitectos


Rojkind Arquitectos, Foro Boca, Boca del Río, Veracruz, Mexico.
Solid and heavy reinforced concrete floats in the air, creating a tangible sense
of emptiness. Photos Jaime Navarro, Paul Rivera

View of Caimi Acoustic Lab. Photo Henrik Blomqvist


Hearing the difference.
Intelligibile sound is Caimi Brevetti’s research horizon. After patenting its
Snowsound technology in 2011, the firm has tirelessly researched quietness to enhance people’s lives. Text Paola Nicolin, photo Henrik Blomqvist

“Access-Ability”, Cooper Hewitt Museum, New York, 2017. Illustration by Andrea Mongia

Visual report

Cooper Hewitt, “Access+Ability”.
The “Access-Ability” exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York, teaches us that these very “failings” can be greatdesign opportunities,
especially when combined with research, technology and digital manufacturing. Illustration by Andrea Mongia

Issey Miyake, Session One. Photo James Mollison

Silence. Ancestral

Issey Miyake, Session One.
Miyake’s work is based on technological research, where the idea gives rise to a process that can last for many years and is independent of market logic.

Tarek Atoui, Within, Sharjah Biennial 11

Silence. Unknown

Nico Vascellari in conversation with Tarek Atoui

Still frame from Pierre Huyghe’s film, Untitled (Human Mask), 2014. Film, color, sound. 19 minutes


By filming a desolate city and empty buildings, Pierre Huyghe raises basic issues: the value of silence, the emptiness around us and the search for sacredness. Edited by Piero Golia

On the couch. Giampaolo Cantini

On the couch

“Space stations and spacecraft need the best architects,” says Simonetta Di Pippo, “in order to accommodate our needs”. Edited by Walter Mariotti

Philip Rahm


The physical principle of emissivity has become an interesting criterion for choosing a facade material and colour. Edited by Philippe Rahm

The Hamptons. Eclectic houses on sand pedestals. Photo Michele De Lucchi


The Hamptons. Eclectic houses on sand pedestals.
In the hovering silence, the houses are the undisputed protagonists of the
Hamptons surrounded by a mix of lush gardens and untamed nature. Text Francesca Cigola, photos Michele De Lucchi

Illustrazione di Andrea Mongia

Rassegna: Furniture and decorative lights

Irma Blank: when writing becomes silence.
Before we cross the great commotion generated by a review of products anticipating all the big news from the 2018 Milan Furniture Fair, we sink into the silence evoked by the work of Irma Blank, a German artist naturalised in Italy. Edited by Giulia Guzzini

© Courtesy of Sotheby’s


Frank Gehry’s love of fish shapes – and particularly that of the carp – originated during his childhood in Toronto when he used to visit the market with his grandmother to buy a live one to be turned into Gefilte Fish