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Focus: Offices, Foster and Partners, SelgasCano, AB Chvoya, SANAA, Technogym, Adrián Villar Rojas, Gucci

Domus 1022, cover

The Blue Chemist

Domus 1022

Cover illustration: The Blue Chemist

Facsimile della Tavola di Teschen. Dettaglio del piano del tavolo prima della fase di doratura del metallo. Le ‘pietre’ sono stampate e lucidate a mano per dar loro il carattere del materiale originale. © Oak Taylor-Smith 2016

Archaeology. Meditation over time

Emotional resonance.
Experiencing the symptoms of the Stendhal syndrome before a copy of an artwork. Edited by Adam Lowe & Charlotte Skene Catling

Vista della colonia di case in affitto Batanagar, alla periferia di Kolkata, India, 2012. Foto Nouman Malik

Anthropology. Objects & Beheaviour

The legacy of offshoring.
Batanagar, the Bata company town built in India in the 1930s, is a powerful metaphor to disentangle today’s modes of economic development. Text by Maitrayee Mukhopadhyay

Orti pubblici in via Promessi Sposi, zona periferica di Milano. Foto di Alessandro Imbriaco, agosto 2010. © Alessandro Imbriaco/Contrasto

Economy. Trades & enterprises

Revolutionising welfare.
Giuseppe Guzzetti believes architecture and design have positive effects on people’s dignity. Fondazione Cariplo launches Cittàintorno, an urban regeneration programme

Frank Gehry – Gehry Partners, LUMA Arles. Foto Hervé Hote


From railways to ateliers.
The LUMA Arles workshop for artists, curators, scientists and designers is also open to the public. Edited by Paola Nicolin

Gli uffici di Mass Studies a Seoul. Foto Andrea Caputo

Studio visit

Mass Studies.
The offices in Seoul reveal constant organisational work revolving around a trusted staff in open dialogue with their clients. Edited by Andrea Caputo

Andrea Branzi, Argentaurum, 2011. Manufacturer Metea. Photo Tom Vack


Andrea Branzi, Transparencies.
Andrea Branzi has produced around 60 Plexiglas works, made from 2003 to today with Giovanni Scacchi of Metea

Ettore Sottsass, Studi per Elea Classe 9000, telescrivente e centralino, Olivetti, assonometria per configurazione telescrivente, s.d. (1959 circa), penna, china, pastello e pastello a cera su carta, 300 x 216 mm. Courtesy CSAC dell’Università di Parma


Ettore Sottsass saw the workspace as the product of the man/movement/machine relationship. CSAC at the University of Parma opens its archive drawers

Edoardo Malagigi, Cara Domus

Dear Domus

This page features readers’ thoughts, ideas, criticism and opinions. Send us your letters, drawings and photos by mail or email. Write to us!

Michele Tranquillini , Appunti di viaggio, Apple Park Cupertino, USA. Progetto di Foster + Partners

Focus: Offices

With the artificial intelligence, offices are becoming places of ideas. Texts  by Michele De Lucchi, Paolo Legrenzi, Stephan Petermann





Foster+Partners, Bloomberg European Headquarters, Londra, 2017. Foto James Newton

Focus: Offices

Foster + Partners, Bloomberg European Headquarters.
The complex, hosting 4,000 employees and located in central London, consists of two buildings joined by bridges under which runs a porticoed pedestrian street

Selgascano, Second Home Holland Park, Londra, 2017. Foto Iwan Baan

Focus: Offices

SelgasCano, Second Home Holland Park and Spitalfields.
The SelgasCano projects for Second Home in London explore sustainable and biophilic design

AB Chvoya, Wooden Office, Olgino, Russia, 2018. Foto Dmitry Tsyrencshikov

Focus: Offices

AB Chvoya, Wooden Office.
The office environment gains warmth and familiarity in buildings that exploit the cutting-edge technologies of lamellar wood, using elements of large dimensions. Photos by Dmitry Tsyrencshikov

Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa – SANAA, Tsuruoka Cultural Hall, Giappone, 2017. Foto Iwan Baan


Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa – SANAA, Tsuruoka Cultural Hall.
Sails, waves, slender blades and airy sheets of paper, composed with SANAA’s typical vocabulary, in which even the most solid materials become delicate and rarefied

Rue de Rivoli, Parigi. Litografia di Philippe Benoist, 1838. © Bibliothèque des Arts décoratifs, Parigi

For and against

Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani, Gestures devoid of content.
Urban architecture is not the mirror and emblem of the individual, but of the shared and the communal

Technogym: un test fatto dal team ricerca scientifica analizza l’interazione tra il corpo umano e i prodotti per garantire efficacia, sicurezza e performance. Foto Henrik Blomqvist


Technogym Village. Cyclette, iCloud and lifestyle.
Can you design wellness? Constant innovation, well-beingand sustainability at the headquarters of this sports equipment producer spawn objects of desire that improve employee performance. Text by Paola Nicolin Photos by Henrik Blomqvist

Vista della mostra e installazione site-specific di Adrián Villar Rojas “The Theater of Disappearance”, 2017, al Geffen Contemporary at MOCA di Los Angeles, a cura di Bryan Barcena ed Helen Molesworth (22.10.2017– 13.5.2018). Immagini per gentile concessione dell’artista, di Marian Goodman Gallery (New York, Paris, London) e di kurimanzutto (Mexico City). Fotografia di Studio Michel Zabé


Adrián Villar Rojas, Housekeeping at the museum.
The “Theater of Disappearance” is an exhibition-sculpture in which the Argentine artist completes his extensive research into the nature of institutional space and the meaning of the artwork. Text by Paola Nicolin

Il ristorante Gucci Osteria, affidato allo chef Massimo Bottura, al piano terra del Gucci Garden. I tavoli sono apparecchiati con le ceramiche di Richard Ginori, marchio acquisito da Gucci nel 2013


Gucci Garden.
“It wasn’t pop, but that’s what it has become.” Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele concisely focuses the question: how can brand identity be reconciled with the spirit of the time?

Una serie di sfortunati eventi.  Foto © Joe Lederer / Netflix

TV Series

The architecture, shapes and colours of wickedness.
TV series is a column about the psychological and spatial effects of television series. Edited by Keren Cytter

Fotogramma del film di Catherine Opie The Modernist, 2017. © Catherine Opie. Courtesy Regen Projects, Los Angeles


Modernism and its consequences
The first film by Catherine Opie looks at the failed utopia of modernism, which was conceived for people but is unfit to accommodate them. Edited by Piero Golia

On the couch. Giampaolo Cantini

On the couch

“Globalisation has shattered the dialogue between architecture and its context,” says Giampaolo Cantini, Italian Ambassador in Cairo. Edited by Walter Mariotti

Philip Rahm. Café Procope, Parigi, 2018


Is climate the real value of public space?
Air conditioning and home heating are the real causes for the disintegration of community life. Edited by Philippe Rahm

Giovanna Latis, vista della piscina del Kandalama Hotel, tra Dambulla e Sigiriya (progetto di Geoffrey Bawa del 1991)


The Sri Lanka of Geoffrey Bawa, weaving nature with design
Geoffrey Bawa drew compositional ideas from historical architecture and turned them into highly modern details. He also admired tropical vegetation and its ability to engulf architecture. Text and photos by Giovanna Latis

Illustrazione di Andrea Mongia

Rassegna: Comfort and Wellness

The promise of objects.
To reflect on the notion of comfort and introduce a selection of products from the world of physical wellbeing, we talked to neuropsychiatrist Stefano Benzoni. Edited by Giulia Guzzini