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Pezo Von Ellrichshausen, Smiljan Radic, Frank Gehry, Jerszy Seymour, Peter Shire, Tino Sehgal, Elio Fiorucci, Luciano Molinari, Lawrence Halprin, Yuri Ancarani, Ryuji Fujimura Architects, Paddy Bedford

Domus 1020, cover

The Blue Chemist

Domus 1020

Cover illustration: The Blue Chemist

Idrimi, primo profugo di Aleppo

Archaeology. Mediation over time

Idrimi, Aleppo’s first refugee
Mediation over time discusses issues concerning the study, use and enjoyment of cultural heritage and ancient art Edited by Adam Lowe & Charlotte Skene Catling

Paddy Paddy Bedford ripreso al Museum of Contemporary Art di Sydney

Anthropology. Objects & Beheaviour

Acts of defiance
Paddy Bedford painted on canvas to create maps of the places that tell the story of
his ancestors’ massacre. Text by Carlo Severi

rendering tridimensionale (versione-2) di Dubai, Emirati Arabi Uniti, sulla base di un’immagine satellitare del 4 aprile 2017. © Getty Images News

Economy. Trades & enterprises

Finance is aesthetics
Trades & enterprises addresses the evolution of market and venture capitals. Text by Stefano Caselli

Ryuji Fujimura Architects, foto Andrea Caputo

Studio visit

Ryuji Fujimura Architects
Studio visit is a column on the dimension and organisation of offices devoted to architecture and design. Edited by Andrea Caputo

CCA, Azione 60, Bike lane, 2006


Actions: What You Can Do With the City
Archive discloses activities and researches kept by public and private institutions

Alessandro Mendini, Cara Domus

Dear Domus

From now on, this page will feature readers’ thoughts, ideas, criticism and opinions.
The first is from Alessandro Mendini. Send us your letters, drawings and photos by mail or email. Write to us!

Frank Gehry, residenza Danziger, Los Angeles, 2017

Frank Gehry

Danziger Studio and Residence
Frank Gehry’s first home in Los Angeles has only walls. The light is shed almost
exclusively from above and the only view outside is from the living room. Text by
Jean-Louis Cohen

Pezo Von Ellrichshausen, Casa Rode, 2017

Pezo Von Ellrichshausen

Loba House and Rode House
Just what is it that makes these houses so different, so appealing? Text by Pedro Gadanho

Smiljan Radic, Céline, 2017

Smiljan Radic

Installation for Céline
In Paris, an inflated bubble, sewn and built from nylon parachute cloth was the solution used to construct the Céline Pavilion for the Paris Fashion Show 2017.
Hidden House

Casa Escondida is located 110 km south of Lima, on the edge of the desert coastline, at Playa Escondida.

Gordon Matta-Clark, Infraform, Milano, ottobre 1973

Objects to cut

Gordon Matta-Clark in Italy. Anarchitecture. Text by Mark Wigley

Utopie Radicali

Visual report

Utopie Radicali
Beyond Architecture: Florence 1966–1976

Jerszy Seymour

Jerszy Seymour

Revolution or bust!
Jerszy Seymour recounts that, in his eyes, revolution means changing one’s outlook
and transforming reality

Luciano Molinari

Luciano Molinari

Masterly tops
The spinning top, a magical object in the ancient world. Text Eva Cantarella, photos Allegra Martin

Peter Shire

Peter Shire

If it’s not a chair, it’s a teapot
Artist, designer, ceramicist, a member of the Memphis group, Peter Shire designs by adding. Often surprising, sometimes unconventional and always colourful, his pieces are a dynamic mix of surface, shape and technology

Tino Sehgal

Tino Sehgal

Object of a discussion
Marking the opening of the Tino Sehgal exhibition in Turin in February, Peter Sloterdijk and Xavier Le Roy recount the relations between object, dance and work in his ten-year career. Edited by Luca Cerizza

Lawrence Halprin

Dance Deck

Hot spot for rebellion: an outdoor stage built by Lawrence Halprin for his wife Anna
in a Californian wood became a launch pad for contemporary dance. Text Cristina Barbiani

Fiorucci, foto Oliviero Toscani

Fiorucci world

The biggest, the craziest and the most extravagant ever seen. Text by Maria Luisa Frisa, photos by Henrik Blomqvist

Buenos Aires, Clorindo Testa


Buenos Aires
Machines for looking: the architecture by Clorindo Testa in Buenos Aires
portrayed by Michele De Lucchi. Text by Jorge Francisco Liernur



Meteorology is a critical design column about the link between architecture and climate. Edited by Philippe Rahm

Paolo Baratta

On the couch. Paolo Baratta

On the couch recounts the protagonists of culture, industry and science on the
global scene. Edited by Walter Mariotti

Yuri Ancarani


Falconers of Qatar
The Challenge, the latest film by Yuri Ancarani

Francesco Librizzi

Rassegna: Furniture systems

How to design space
Invited to Hong Kong in December, Francesco Librizzi talked to the public about his approach to design at Business of Design Week. By the di Giulia Guzzini