Current Issue: Domus 899


Paolo Rosselli. Mexico City 2006

Editorial. Millimetres: an unexpected model

Asia in Paris


News and events. Edited by Elena Sommariva

Ettore Sottsass

Pictures from a window

Space Tourism Space Architecture

Studies, projects and illusions in flight: from the next Moon landing to journeys to Mars. Text by Matteo Palmisano. Edited by Matteo Palmisano with Francesca Picchi. Map 46xy studio

Domus-Los Angeles

The role played by the cultural production districts in the dynamics of LA. An encounter at the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles. Text by Andrea Lissoni, Luca Martinazzoli. Edited by Loredana Mascheroni

Fernando Romero/LAR. Translating tradition

Three projects designed by the LAR studio: innovation is achieved through the reinterpretation of traditional forms and techniques. Photography by Iwan Baan. Text by Lucy Bullivant. Edited by Joseph Grima, Karen Marta

Tatiana Bilbao/MXA. Broken Topography

A small pavilion in Jinhua Architecture Park designed by Tatiana Bilbao’s practice MXA proposes a contemporary reinterpretation of the Chinese garden. Edited by Joseph Grima. Photography by Iwan Baan

Paul Virilio. Impact Studies

Life or live?

Postcards from the Edge

Mexico City’s suburbs are flooded with low income housing, which has little more planning behind it than the favelas it replaces. Photography by Livia Corona. Edited by Joseph Grima, Karen Marta

Barragán’s Ciudad del México

Barragán’s Ciudad A collection of unpublished drawings bear witness to Luis Barragán’s hopes and fears for the future development of Mexico City. Text by Federica Zanco. Edited by Joseph Grimadel México

Alejandro Villarreal. Glass Bubbles

In Mexico City, the house with 7,700 glass balls. Photography by Fernando Cordero. Edited by Rita Capezzuto

Paolo Rosselli. Mexico Set

Mexico City through Paolo Rosselli’s camera

Jean-François Chevrier. Varietà pittoresca e diversità antropologica Jean-François Chevrier. Picturesque variety and anthropological diversity

Travel through pictures


Design and creativity. Opinions compared 1: Alessandro Mendini and Alberto Alessi. With reference to an article by Roberto Verganti published in Harvard Business Review. Edited by Francesca Picchi

Geo-design: S.O.S. Malaria

Health care is one of the principal incentives to development. Long lasting insecticidal mosquito nets help to prevent malaria, one of the chief causes of poverty in the world. Edited by Francesca Picchi. Photo by Giovanna Silva, Karl Grobl

Cecil Balmond, António Adão da Fonseca - WEST 8 - Marco Peroni. New bridges

Five ideas between equilibrium and form. Photography by Christian Richters. Edited by Rita Capezzuto

Manuel DeLanda. The Foam and the Sponge

Striking affinities

[ecosistema urbano]. Air trees

Outside Madrid, an Ecoboulevard, designed by the firm [ecosistema urbano], offers an alternative to traditional city projects. Edited by Rita Capezzuto. Photography by Emilio P. Doiztua

Ettore Sottsass - Enzo Cucchi. The Cloister of Peace

An oasis of peace among the prefabricated structures and concrete of Salerno University. Text by Ettore Sottsass. Photography by Santi Caleca. Edited by Loredana Mascheroni

Hans Ulrich Obrist: Gerhard Richter

Hans Ulrich Obrist interviews Gerhard Richter in his atelier, designed by the artist himself. Edited by Thomas Boutoux, Loredana Mascheroni

Tarzan&Jane: Chantal Akerman - Adrian Paci. Frontiere

An encounter between two artists. Tarzan&Jane is a project made for Domus by Wrong Gallery


Edited by Gianmario Andreani

Rassegna: Office

Edited by Maria Cristina Tommasini + Theo Jansen. Strandbeests. Photographs by Adriaan Kok. Text by Stefano Mirti


Edited by Francesca Cogni