2018 combined issue Domus China 125

This New Year’s combined issue introduces several cultural platforms for the discussion of art, architecture and wider urban life. On these platforms, communications happen between different groups of people and in different forms.

125 Cover

125 Contents

Limestone Gallery

New Project

Limestone Gallery, Guizhou Province. A fantastic gallery suspended on mountain top and a future destination for rock climbers

2017 UABB


"Cities Grow in Difference" 2017 UABB (Shenzhen). By implanting the exhibitions into residents' daily life, reflections on the significance of urban villages, city and public space are evoked

Lord Guan Yu on Stage


Tradition, Technology, Future, the fifth Architecture is Art Festival. Each programme resembles a building that extends the exploration of architecture and space to the level of cities

Tanada Terrace Office, MUJI*Atelier Bow-Wow


China House Vision. Sadao Tsuchiya reviewed two exhibitions held in Tokyo and provided an outlook of the exhibition of China House Vision which will be held in the Beijing National Stadium in September 2018

values of design


Design Society, Sea world culture and arts center. This is a new urban landmark of the city for its form, scale, setting and programs. It connects the wisdom of a reverable Japanese architect to this ambitious youth city, Shenzhen

BIFU's fashion


Chen Xing, Luo Jing/ Bifu & Alcor. A strong architectonic feel pervades BIFU's fashion, with which the proportion of the body and the light of the material are emphasized, the everlasting beauty combining softness and hardness is created



Jiang Yuan, Song Chen/ SODA. "We think that design process is just like soda fermenting bread: firstly, you should explore potential of the project itself, and then you show it in an elegant way by design."



The Power of Enamel. Through the breakthrough of craft and technology, Justin Shi hopes to make this Chinese cultural prosperity thrive again



Alila Yangshuo, Vector Architects. As the result of the planned economic period, the old sugar mill is placed with the memories and emotions of the people of that era