The best interiors of 2023

Through apartments, Renaissance churches and flagship stores, a selection of interiors published along this year where reuse and evolution are key. 

For 2023, as physiologically might be the case for years to come, the selection of interiors is getting closer and closer to that of renovations, with its meaning embracing above all the concept of reuse. More and more rarely do ex novo projects dictate trends, while reuse interventions show two relevant facts: the possibility of architecture to germinate even where new volumes are not developed – interior architecture exists, and it is very healthy – and the inherent capacity of existing spaces to evolve with the evolution of the people, and the history they experience. Dwellings transformed by new “resident interior volumes” with the budget of a parquet makeover, recyclable set-up designs inside Renaissance churches, mini-apartments inside Niemeyer mega-structures, contemporary and rationalism co-inhabiting the same kitchen: stories of evolving interiors from around the world are what we have selected to map the status of interior design this year.

A flat renovated with 10,000 euros in Barcelona

Spanish architecture firm TAKK has completed the renovation of a 50-square-meter apartment located in Barcelona with a total material execution budget of only 10,000 euros. After already several experiments in redefining domestic space, the studio was oriented in its choices with the goal of updating the house toward new patterns of use and environmental awareness in the context of the current energy crisis and climate change. Read more

Inhabiting Niemeyer’s architecture: a renovated apartment in Belo Horizonte

Biri Office has recently completed the renovation of an apartment in the Juscelino Kubitschek housing complex, designed by Oscar Niemeyer over seventy years ago. The project appears emblematic of a possible approach to modern heritage and exhibits position statements and compromises generating a delicate balance between historical values and use values, as Alois Riegl would have called them. Read more

Dialoguing with rationalism, inside an apartment in Padua

In Casa AS, Serena Vianello and Tommaso Gasparin have sought the shaping of a bright and functional home, through  the renovation of an apartment in Padua, inside a 1935 rationalist building designed by engineer Gino Briani. Compared to the existing state, the interior design proposes a new spatial layout that allows the rooms to dialogue and natural light to easily flood all surfaces. Read more

A flexible and affordable micro-apartment in contemporary Milan

In the Italian city, as in all the world’s great metropolises, lifestyles are changing rapidly: in such a complex context, Tenet’s project, with a limited budget, rethought a 45 square metre space. Read more

A farmhouse in Tuscany converted into a single-family dwelling

A farmhouse overlooking the Tuscan landscape of Impruneta, an area known for its terracotta production, has been transformed into a versatile and spacious residence. The original building, once a farmer’s house and stable, also had a farmyard and a barn on two levels. Architettura-m, the studio that developed the project, wanted to preserve the typical features of rural architecture, intervening particularly in the interiors: the studio aimed to emphasise the local tradition while eliminating the clichés of the farmhouse. Read more

A sculptural intuition for a flat in Milan

Studio Llabb renovated a 60 square metre house by linking spaces through sliding panels: for an ever-changing environment blending fluidity and geometry through rhytmic sequences. Read more

A photographer’s bright house, once an industrial warehouse