Best 10 interiors of 2021

A selection of ten interiors published this year on domusweb: apartments, restaurants, public bathrooms and ice cream shops, designed all over the world.

A restaurant in Sardinia is inspired by its natural context

Rare and intimate, the renovation project curated by Studio Wok for a restaurant located on the Promenade du Port in Porto Cervo, on the northeastern coast of Sardinia, looks to the colors and morphology of the island to recreate its traits in a built space. Read the full article here

The home-studio of a trapper in Madrid

What is the connection between trap music and architecture? Pavements, raw (and then painted) walls, overpasses, high-rise buildings, squares and benches are central to the narrative of trap music, which is able to tell the story of the city with an unprecedented and engaging gaze. Similarly, urban subcultures are often a source of inspiration for designers and architects. This is the case of Javier J. Iniesta, who designed the home-studio in Madrid for Kaydy Cain, a local trap star. Read the full article here

House of bright stalactites is anything but a minimalist interior

Gambardellarchitetti’s House of bright stalactites, as its name suggests, is anything but a minimalist interior. Cherubino Gambardella and Simona Ottieri continue here their decade long research on the role of geometry, light and color as the fundamentals of domestic interiors that can trigger emotions. Read the full article here

A former data centre turns into an experimental apartment of the 70s

Inside the largest Parisian co-ownership of the 1970s, located in Le Marais, a former data centre changes its vocation. Led by Ubalt Architectes, Le Grand Marais, a flat of 250 sqm, calls up the 70s between experiments in matter and light. Read the full article here

An emblematic renovation reveals the evolution of Spanish society

In the Carabanchel neighborhood, Tercio y Terol is a complex of 640 terrace houses originally intended by Francoist institutions for modest families. Among the houses, Casa Witiza is completely reconfigured to accommodate a young couple that uses the space not only to live there, but also to work remotely. Read the full article here

New life for public baths in St Petersburg