10 architectures for kids

Colourful, fun, unique: architecture for children may seem like a game, but children are also our most honest critics. We have selected the best projects that appeared on Domus between 2020 and 2021. 

Minihotel, Sarit Shani Hay

A playful space, a miniature city: in Moshe Safdie's iconic hotel in Jerusalem, Israeli designer Sarit Shani Hay's project makes room for the little ones.

Kid’s Island, MERA makers

In a traditional nursery school in Sarov, Russia, MERA makers designs Kid's Island, a playground for children who are free to play creatively together.

The Playscape, we architech anonymous

The Chinese studio we architech anonymous reconverts an old grain storage compound into a space for the little ones, whilst remaining faithful to its history.

Kinder Park, DVCH De Villar CHacon Arquitectos

With the use of a rosy palette an urban void is redrawn by DVCH with organic paths and wooden pergolas.

Fun Maze, Atelier Caracas

Curved geometries, pastel colours and a long central skylight define tthe Fun Maze project in Caracas.

Children’s Playspace, Architensions

The architecture and design studio Architensions looked to the natural world to create the setting for an indoor play area where children can move freely, manipulate and reinvent their surroundings.

Horismos, Studio Ossidiana