The most popular projects of 2020

We’ve rounded up the architectures you’ve enjoyed the most during this year.

An experimental villa in Denmark raised in three days

Villa Korup was designed for a young family of six on the island of Fyn in Denmark, by Danish-German architect Jan Henrik Jansen with Australian architect Marshall Blecher. This collaboration is giving rise to new experiments on the theme of living in Scandinavia. Read full article here.

A preview of Álvaro Siza’s new project in Italy

We visited the second completed work of the Portuguese master in Italy, designed with COR Arquitectos. The story of the visit and the shots by Francesca Ióvene. Read full article here.

A house in Sardinia in pure Costa Smeralda style

Stera Architecture’s project continues a tradition of worldly, flamboyant, citationist buildings inaugurated by Luigi Vietti in the 1960s.  Pivoting around a shaded courtyard, screened from strong prevailing winds, this complex architecture unfolds through a multiplication of volumes, terraces, patios, pathways. Read full article here.

Ciclostile Architettura redesigns a rural house following permaculture principles

The old farmer's house, isolated on one of the Bolognese Hills, Italy, has been transformed by Ciclostile Architettura into a contemporary house that delicately complements the structure of a renovated barn. Read full article here.

A multifunctional cube organizes a loft in Valencia

A white box encloses kitchen, bathroom and laundry in a two-storey loft renovated by Nada around the concept of cube. The flat’s key-element consists of a central cube with a multifunctional function and also a flexible nature thanks to a concealed folding system that generates space and responds to different uses. Read full article here.

When architects are given carte blanche: the case of a house in Belgium

With a client granting total freedom Atelier Vens Vanbelle was able to construct a building beyond every standard of architectural beauty. “What do you do as an architect when a client asks you: ‘Build me something’? ‘What do you want?’ is the follow-up question, of course. When the answer then is ‘anything’, then you know this is going to be an exciting project”. Read full article here.

An illustrator’s house that looks like his drawings