An Elegy for the Death of Hamun

The work of the artist Hashem Shakeri, through a palette drained of all vitality, tells the drought and how the resultant crisis is changing the province of Sīstān in Iran.

White tree

In the most recent folie of Montpellier, Mediterranean architectural language and Japanese purism are woven together to establish a new tower typology.       

Domus 1037: Nature at the centre of design

Guest Editor Winy Maas introduces the topics of the new issue of Domus: the positive impact of Green Dip on the city and on an urban level, the transformation of a building in São Paulo, the infrastructure to safely organise the annual Hajj pilgrimage.

Domus 1036: The past reloaded

Guest editor Winy Maas introduces in his editorial some topics of the new issue: high-tech geometric fabrication projects inspired by the stone constructions of the Incas, the current developments in Baku, Junya Ishigami’s water garden.

The end of skiing

Climate change is increasingly impacting on where and when we can go skiing. In the absence of snow at previously prosperous ski-tourism resorts, fanciful options are emerging to prevent the end of winter and their economic collapse.