Who is David Chipperfield

Architecture, design and projects by the British architect.

David Chipperfield: “Will technology save us?”

The discipline of architecture and the ever-changing world of technology continue to intersect in a complex way, redefining the boundaries of the profession. In October’s editorial, Domus 1050, guest editor David Chipperfield questions the role of architects and designers in engaging technologies towards broader responsibilities.

Andra Matin: the value in building traditions

The Indonesian architect explains to Domus guest editor 2020 his distinctive form of practice, which connects diverse building traditions with the globally explored ambitions of modernism to create projects of environmental resilience, social credibility and beauty.

David Chipperfield: “The nature of our imagination”

In recent months we have had the opportunity to reflect on how we live. In the editorial of Domus 1048, guest editor David Chipperfield reflects on the new challenge we have to take up, to realign our attitude and our role within an ecological system that now depends on us.