Tadao Ando: “Forming landscapes"

In May’s editorial, guest editor Tadao Ando retraces how the past generations shaped landscapes. And how the landscapes will shape the future of the planet. 

Tadao Ando: “Struggles of the house”

In the March editorial, guest editor 2021 addresses the single-family dwelling unit as “an expression of human imagination that oscillates between the abstract and the concrete.”

Tadao Ando: “Conquering light”

In his first editorial, Tadao Ando tells us how natural light has conquered the zenith of architecture across all ages and places, from the ascetic light of northern Europe to the intimate shadows of Japanese homes.

Tadao Ando: “The world must change”

Tadao Ando talks about how boxing influenced his approach to life and architecture. As for rising to global challenges, he suggests that everyone gather their inner strength, saying, “Apples and people should remain green, unripe and full of spirit to challenge absolutely anything.”