Studio Drift brings drones to the sky to celebrate the 50th anniversary of moon landing

The Franchise Freedom art performance has enlighted NASA Rocket Garden with 300 lights, remembering the great improvement technology made in 1969.

Studio Drift has celebrated NASA’s Apollo11 50th anniversary with Franchise Freedom, an art performance that involves 300 luminous drones having its debut in Miami during Art Basel 2017. The show took place in the sky, above Kennedy Space Center’s rocket garden, a perfect location in the US to remember the historical landing on the Moon in 1969. Drones’ patterns in the air, inspired by starling birds’ flight, have been accompanied by Duran Duran’s music, creating an immersive experience. Ralph Rauta, Studio Drift artist, declared about the performance: “Tonight we flew our artwork in front of the full moon. It felt like we were bringing some Space travel history back to earth”.

The performative artwork by Studio Drift connects technology, science and art and it’s realized by Intel, PaceX and Therme Art Program. Drones move not following an already established choreography but responding to each other according to distance and position. Franchise Freedom wants to celebrate technology and its improvements through history, remembering the key role this had for humans.

The performance held on July 16th in Florida reminded how moon landing affected our lives and behavior on earth. Using Ralph Nauta’s words, this historical event is “an example of what amazing possibilities we have if we put our minds together. It is our responsibility to use technology to build a sustainable future”.

Franchise Freedom
Studio Drift
Realized by:
Intel, PaceX, Therme Art Program
Kennedy Space Center’s rocket garden
Merritt Island, Florida, USA

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