The new Aphex Twin music video is a journey into the hyper-landscape

For the latest work of the British musician, video designer Weirdcore conceives distorted suburbs and computational infrastructures.

“Is that how aliens see the earth?”. On the Facebook page of the Warp Records label you can find hundreds of enthusiastic comments on the latest Aphex Twin’s video. For the British musician, born in Dublin, London-based video designer Weirdcore has conceived a journey into a reality that to define augmented is reductive. It is a cyberpunk delirium as the 30 years old animation masterpiece Akira.

T69 Collapse's twisted and intertwined landscapes tell of a world where mufflers give birth to storms, chemical weapons are sold as gadgets in museums and assembly lines become flows of information. Time stops being linear and becomes chaotic, point-like; the space collapses. Not surprisingly, Collapse is the title of the Aphex Twin album, out on September 14th and announced in the last few days with a mysterious street advertising campaign in Turin, London and New York.

If music, philosophy, art and fashion are naturally in dialogue, narrowed in its specialisation, architecture hardly confronts itself with other spheres of reality. Just like the avant-gardes did in the 60s, we need to learn from pop culture and understand the cultural climate that surrounds us. In an era dominated by the fake hyperrealism of renderings or post-digital pseudo-naive collages, more videos like T69 Collapse are needed: visions of the physical and digital dimensions of our reality.

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