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Caruso St John, Naoto Fukasawa, Sameep Padora, Renzo Piano, Steven Holl, Olafur Eliasson, Ingo Maurer, Martin Huberman, Attilio Stocchi, Studio Swine

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Illustration by The Blue Chemist

Domus 1027

Cover illustration: The Blue Chemist

Archeology. Detail of the map by al-Idrisi, held in the Bodleian Libraries in Oxford


Penetrating horizons and imagining worlds
“To put a city in a book,to put the world on one sheet of paper – maps are the most condensed humanised spaces of all...” Robert Harbison, Eccentric Spaces, 1997. Presented by Adam Lowe & Charlotte Skene Catling

Portfolio. Adolfo Natalini, watercolour for Muzenplein – De Resident, The Hague, the Netherlands, September 2000. 70 x 50 cm


Adolfo Natalini, Dutch allegories
“I wanted to be a painter, but then I became an avant-garde architect with Superstudio. Later, I tried to make buildings, more down to earth, in Italy, Germany and the Netherland.”

Anthropology. Aros, by the Palma studio, is one of the winning projects of the Urban Toys contest (2018)


What is a city for?
The think tank called Laboratorio para la Ciudad in Mexico City explores new participatory ways of inhabiting urban spaces. Text Gabriella Gómez-Mont

Studio Visit. kLo Kwangho Lee. Photo Andrea Caputo

Studio visit

kLo – Kwangho Lee
Kwangho Lee has a small but totalitarian workspace in Seoul where he designs, assembles, experiments and produces, exploring new mono-material furnishing types. Presented by Andrea Caputo

Institution. View of the display design for the exhibition “Sol Calero. Tente en el aire”, Kunsthalle Lissabon, Lisbon


A hybrid institution
Can an art institution suggests alternatives to both gentrification and a country’s focus on financial assets? Presented by Paola Nicolin

Archive. Foreign Office Architects, Details of ramp 07 for Yokohama International Port Terminal, March 2000. Diazotype


The radical dissemination of the gift
The future of a hyper-connected global society is only conceivable in the perspective of the gift, which establishes a circuit of networks in which to give without the limits of reciprocity. Text by Ivo Stefano Germano

Archive. Foreign Office Architects, Details of ramp 07 for Yokohama International Port Terminal, March 2000. Diazotype


Tales of formal and technological singularity: the Yokohama International Port Terminal by Foreign Office Architects Presented by the Canadian Centre for Architecture

Cara Domus. Emilio Mossa

Cara Domus

Emilio Mossa
Dear Michele, through Domus you are accustoming us to considering objects for their symbolic meaning, objects which awakens and influences our architectural imagination.

Essay. Maria Sibylla Merian, Metamorphosis Insectorum Surinamensium ofte Verandering der Surinaamsche insecten, Amsterdam


Emanuele Coccia: The world as a permanent migration
We are not only human, since our genetic code is the trace of all the forms of life that we have passed through in history before becoming human

Contamination. Edoardo Tresoldi, Etherea, 2018. Photo Roberto Conte


Michele De Lucchi, Hybridisation
In nature, the constant process of osmosis ensures everything is subjected to hybridisation, which generates life and development

Architecture. Caruso St John Architects, House in the mountains, Tschiertschen, Switzerland, 2017. Photo Hélène Binet


Caruso St John Architects, House in the mountains, Tschiertschen, Switzerland
With their well-known discretion, the two British architects have adopted a contemporary style to reinterpret the essence of the Swiss chalet’s traditional iconography. Text Rowan Moore, photos Hélène Binet

Architecture. Naoto Fukasawa, Issey Miyake Kyoto, Japan, 2018. Photo Masaya Yoshimura, © Isley Miyake Inc.


Naoto Fukasawa, Issey Miyake Kyoto, Japan
A combined shop and gallery, Issey Miyake’s new space is a hybrid that blends old and new, modern demands and the tradition of machiya. Text by Naoto Fukasawa

Architecture. Sameep Padora and Associates, Sharda school library,Kopergaon, Maharashtra, India, 2018. Photo Edmund Sumner


Sameep Padora and Associates,Sharda school library, Kopergaon, India
In a striking landscape overlooked by a dramatic forest of electricity pylons, an example of structural brilliance offers the school’s students a new experience of space. Text by Mustansir Dalvi, photos by Edmund Sumner

Architecture. Renzo Piano Building Workshop, GES-2, V-A-C Foundation, Moscow, sketch


Renzo Piano Building Workshop, GES-2, V-A-C Foundation, Moscow
The institution devoted to contemporary Russian art has commissioned the Renzo Piano Building Workshop to convert a two-hectare urban site into a cultural centre

For and against. Steven Holl, Reciprocal Relation – New York City / Milan, 1986. Project for Porta Vittoria, Milan, Italy. Watercolor and pencil on paper, 12,7 x 17,7 cm

For and against

Steven Holl, Let’s start from music
Architecture, like music, surrounds and engulfs us: it’s an immersive, engrossing experience. A conversation between Steven Holl and Michele De Lucchi

Design and art. Olafur Eliasson’s studio in Berlin, photographed by Armin Linke, 2018

Design. Art

Olafur Eliasson. Green means: “Go for your life”
Olafur Eliasson in conversation with Patrizia Moroso. Presented by Paola Nicolin, photos Armin Linke

Design. Ingo Maurer, Broken Egg auditorium at the Inhotim park, Brazil


Into Maurer: Design is for storytelling
Every project conceals a tension between extraordinary and ordinary, daily life and theatre. A conversation between Ingo Maurer and Michele De Lucchi

Design. Martin Huberman, Bancada Prototipo in the Los Andes Park in Buenos Aires, 2013


Martin Huberman, profession: designer, militant and activist
Martin Huberman displays traits of an activist and professional militant. He constantly attempts to build bridges to connect ideas, participants and viewers. Text Maria Sanchez

Art and Design. Attilio Stocchi, the wooden model of the new hill of Hermes superimposed on the map of the canals of Mars (1888)

Architecture. Landscape

Attilio Stocchi: Greenhouse fragments
The Hill of Hermes, a wing-shaped garden, is a project with mythological and astronomical allusions that restores to Milan the green spaces of the renewed Palazzo Citterio, the last phase of the Grande Brera project

Studio Swine. Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves inside Infinity Blue, during the assembly phase. Photo Alexander Coggin

Art. Design

Studio Swine: A primordial pre-human earth
Infinity Blue, the biggest ceramic sculpture ever made, is devoted to the cyanobacteria that, 3 billion years ago, formed our planets breathable atmosphere and paved the way for the evolution of complex life forms. Text Studio Swine, photos Petr Krejčí

Best of. Herb Greene, Prairie House. Photo courtesy of OU School of Architecture

Best of

“A cyborg is a cybernetic organism, a hybrid of machine and organism, a creature of social reality as well as a creature of fiction. Social reality is lived social relations, our most important political construction, a world-changing fiction.” Donna J. Haraway, A Cyborg Manifesto, Routledge, London 1991

Cinema. A scene from Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s science-fiction film World on a Wire, 1973


Mixing the virtual and the real, reality and fiction, the need for rules and fertilisation
Fassbinder’s film World on a Wire contains the hybrid, fertile and perverse concept that order is a required condition of evolution. Presented by Piero Golia

On the Couch. Corrado Passera

On the couch

Interview (over an informal lunch) with Corrado Passera. Among the topics
on the table, the hybridisation of knowledge and the economy, hence of society. Presented by Walter Mariotti





Meteorology. Solar stimulation is perceived in humans, animals and plants in different wavelengths


Why architecture now plays its part in the natural sciences
Once abstract and inorganic, in recent decades light has gained biological and medical implications, prompting a rethink of its design by architects and urban planners. Presented by Philippe Rahm

Travel. Cinemas that have now been closed along Lalehzar, once a luxury shopping street modelled after the Champs- Élysées in Paris with 16 cinemas and 6 theatres, commissioned in 1980 by Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar. Photo Giovanna Silva


Tehran behind the screen
Confiscated or tangled in legal disputes, the old cinemas and theatres of Iran’s capital risk disappearing or being turned into museums. Text Mahan Moalemi, photos Giovanna Silva

Rassegna. Materials tinkering with micelio, Master thesis in Product Design by S. Parisi, 2015


The sensory dimension of materials
The transmutation of the characteristics and properties of one material to another is one of the most fertile aspects of contemporaneity. But what do materials communicate about their nature? We asked Valentina Rognoli who has been addressing this theme for some years. Edited by Giulia Guzzini

Auction Piero Fornasetti, La Stanza Metafisica, 1958. Images courtesy of Phillips


La Stanza Metafisica sums up the thought of Piero Fornasetti (1913-1988), a prolific painter and illustrator, and his passion for the potential of screens and theatre sets in the organisation of interiors.