Best 10 houses of 2021

As we near the end of the year, we offer our selection of the ten best houses published on domusweb this year: from experiments in minimal living to sculptural villas.

In the last two years, the health emergency has forced many of us into the spaces at home, thus recreating the perception of domestic space. In the single-family residence, this is reflected in the design of domestic shelters almost always invaded by nature, useful to preserve the intimacy bubbles of the clients.

Here is a selection of our ten favorite homes published in recent months, between experiments in minimal spaces and plastic volumes. Focusing on the typology of the single-family house, we have selected projects from all over the world, from China and Japan to Colombia.

A “mushroom” house in a pine forest

The architectural form of the house is composed of two simple volumes organised by function. The largest part of the “mushroom” is the circular space of the guest room, with a panoramic window at eye level. The young Chinese studio ZJJZ has designed a small house surrounded by nature in a pine forest in Jiangxi province, China. Read the full article here.

The primitive light of Ensamble Studio

Ca’n Terra is a house of the earth, and was first just that, earth then a quarry, voiding its Mares stone. Subsequently it was used by the military as an ammunition dump during the Spanish Civil War and later abandoned, only to be rediscovered decades later and become architecture. The found space has an industrial logic, artistic potential as a sublime cavern carved by hand and a mineral nature as an extract of the stony landscape on the island of Menorca. Read the full article here.

In Portugal, a house that belongs to the land

And it is precisely in the vast Alentejo region, dotted with villages swept by the ocean wind and criss-crossed by endless expanses of fields, that Bak Gordon seems to have best understood and interpreted this message of a strong bond with an ancient and intensely preserved land. A single-family home evokes strong emotional bonds with the landscape, using pure volumes and chromatic choices of materials. Read the full article here.

A house “woven” into Colombia’s rural landscape

Created as a prototype of an ecological home for farmers on coffee plantations in the Cundinamarca region, Casa Tejida is not only physically woven, but also weaves the landscape in which it is rooted. In the municipality of Nocaima, not far from the Colombian capital of Bogotà, lives a rural community along a mountain path that is not easily accessible. Each of the 20 or so families living there has chosen to share the resources they cultivate with the rest of the community. Read the full article here.

Concrete volumes and hidden patios in a Portuguese villa