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A mental landscape

The Frac in Orléans uncovers extracts from its latest acquisition: Patrick Bouchain’s complete archive.

Patrick Bouchain, Étude de chapiteau, s.d. Model. Man-made fabric, metal-effect wood, plastic, cardboard, card, cotton thread, graphite crayon. 15 x 26.5 x 27.5 cm - Hospitality. The topic of welcome and hospitality is primarily an ideal of life, with a clearly non-utopian dimension. Code: 016 134 001

You can read the full article in Domus May 2018 issue.

Designing, to Patrick Bouchain, means defining situations, activating a specific site using the context as a common ground of discussion between very different figures. The urban landscape is a landscape of knowledge, a mental place before it is a physical one. Architects, workers, citizens, artists are involved in the process of building a space for living in.

For the FRAC the archive is not only an object of investigation, a place of study, but a medium through which to create new visions and reconstructions. In his work the architect is the person who collects and confers order on a vision of the world, through different writings, of which the project is only one of the pieces. (…) The form of the process is more important than the form of the object. In this way, each project collected in this visual atlas is not a reflection on form but an endless variation on a precise idea of architecture.

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