10 issues, 10 years, 10 architects celebrate 100 years of Domus

Collective 3D printing

Digital innovation can foster a return to the pre-modern ethos of community sharing, where residents network their printers to produce new objects and architectures.

Europe, mass tourism and consumerism: the onus of heritage

In his second novel, “Grand Hotel Europa”, Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer pronounces the death of Europe. The continent is going through a bad time, because it is wallowing in nostalgia and is being bought up by the Chinese. Tourism seems to be the only revenue model. How can the situation be turned around?      

Domus 1036: The past reloaded

Guest editor Winy Maas introduces in his editorial some topics of the new issue: high-tech geometric fabrication projects inspired by the stone constructions of the Incas, the current developments in Baku, Junya Ishigami’s water garden.