The Tomorrow Collective

The projects presented by Lund University at the Stockholm Furniture Fair are concepts for modern tools for a sustainable life, within private homes or to share.

Sophie-Catherine Ohlsen, Precious Ground. From value to value – reusing coffee grounds
In a time when the single person is becoming more and more distanced from where things come from, how they are made, what they are made of and where they inevitably end up, it becomes increasingly harder to see the consequences of our lifestyles and choices.
We depend on fossil fuel driven transportation systems, monocultural large-scale farming and non renewable, toxic energy sources. Our economies thrive on productivity and consumption and we live like there’s no tomorrow. With our fast and unsustainable lifestyle, is there any room for products that are honest and local? Or do we have to change our way of living as well?
The Tomorrow Collective is about exploring ways of enabling us to live a sustainable life in the future. Inspired by past knowledge of how to grow, make and be, these projects present concepts for modern tools and systems that can be used in a cyclic sense, within private homes or to share in smaller communities. Living the future today.

The Tomorrow Collective

Lund University
Designers: Philip Andersson; Ausrine Augustinaite; Elena Biondi; Emilia Borgv All; Patrik Bruzelius; Tessa Geuze; Anna Gudmundsdo Ttir; Ida Gudrunsdotter; Sara Gullberg; Simon Helmersson; Olof Jansson; Nan Jiang; Ra Y Zilei Jiao; Britt Jönsson; Jinni Jinghu Luo; Andrea Müller; Martin Mårtensson; Sophie-Catherine Ohlsen; Oskar Olsson; Sofia Olsson; Jacob Strand; Julia Söderberg; Rebecca Wennberg; Jingyi Zhang; Reo Letian Zhang; Xinhong Zhao; Judith Glaser; Mihkel-Emil Mikk; Ylva Granström; Stephan Thiemt and Juliana Bispo De Filippis
Supervised by: Olof K Olte

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