Best 15 interiors of 2022

A selection of fifteen we published this year: flats, restaurants, and resorts, realized all over the world. 

Apartment Studio Okami Architects

Austere, textured, shapeshifting and evolving: here is a selection of fifteen interiors published on domusweb this year. From Italy to Japan, spaces are taking the stage.

A hidden and flexible room in a renovated apartment in Padua

Inside a flat located in the historic heart of Padua, Collaboratorio has shaped a functional space for a young couple, designed to adapt and transform. The house, which had become an office during the 1980s, is now a light-filled environment proposing a different division of space. Read the full article here  

Rigorous transformation of a two-room apartment in Milan

Free spaces from superfetations and showcase building materials, use an austere and somewhat crude vocabulary, optimise the few spaces available. With the Multiply project, architect Enrico Forestieri explores the potential for spatial and perceptive transformation of a small, not very “Milanese” home. Read the full article here 

An apartment in Portugal with clean, soft lines

A house once used as a tailor’s shop in the centre of Palermo has been transformed into an open and bright flat. The new architectural additions to Casa Maz designed by La Leta Architettura stand out for their clear, almost severe lines, and dialogue the pre-existing historical features such as the floor made of majolica and coloured grit, which has been preserved, and the ceilings characterised by pavilion vaults. Read the full article here 

Ever-changing corners in an apartment in Taranto

The transformation of an apartment in Taranto by studio biro+ has aimed to make its layout more functional by optimally exploiting the orientation, and specifically by focusing on the use of colour and fixed furniture. Read the full article here 

Continuity of time and space in a Roman interior

A flat renovation on Colle Oppio in Rome has allowed PuntoZero studio to generate the buen retiro atmosphere sought by the clients by blending a traditional local color palette with a sober and elegant materiality of shapes. Read the full article here

Casa Maz in Palermo, from tailor’s shop to apartment

An apartment in Amarante, Portugal, within a building on the street, has been transformed into a well-divided space that seems to be suspended and almost in motion. The renovation project is by studio Fala, which renovated the interior and facades while trying to preserve the building’s history and original traits, at the same time adding new features. Read the full article here 

Renovation in Madrid following a mathematical principle