These glasses put AI in front of your eyes

The startup Brilliant Labs is releasing Frame, a new pair of regular-looking glasses that can superimpose AI-generated translations, web searches, and other AI content in front of the wearer’s eyes.

Brilliant Labs, a US startup known for its wearable “Monocle” display, has just announced the release of a new AI-powered set of glasses. Known as “Frame,” the new spectacles let users access AI translations, web searches, and visual analysis of the field of view. Thanks to a 640x400-pixel color micro OLED screen with a prism projector, the results are displayed in front of the user’s eyes.

Monocle, Brilliant Labs

Users can ask the glasses to identify their surroundings, search the web through Perplexity’s AI search engine, or impart other commands all through their voice. The bulk of the computing doesn’t happen on the glasses but on the users’ phones. The Frame glasses pair with Brilliant Labs’ NOA app to access OpenAI’s GPT Api for visual analysis and Whisper for translations, learning forward through the tasks it processes.

The app is free to use, although it has a daily limit on requests due to external APIs being used. Brilliant Labs’ founder said that a no-limit subscription tier is coming while confirming that users will never have to pay to use the hardware itself. In fact, unlike other AI-based hardware products we’ve seen recently, the Frame smart glasses are completely open-source, with all hardware plans and code for the firmware and NOA app available on Brilliant Labs’ GitHub page. 

The Frame AI glasses can be already preordered for $349 (or $448 with prescription lenses) and will start shipping on April 15.

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