Top 10 interiors of 2019

A selection of ten interiors published on domusweb this year: restaurants, private houses, schools and showrooms all over the world.

Lax Bar, Vienna, 2019. Photo Ute Müller

Architects-archaeologists rediscover the history of a building in Barcelona

The Catalan studio Agora Arquitectura undresses the interiors of a historic building to reveal the original floors, decorations and materials. In order to renovate the flats of a building dating back to 1872, located in the historic centre of Barcelona, Agora carried out a careful restoration of the existing architectural elements. These were buried under the incrustations of time because of the lack of sensitivity of those who lived in the building year after year. Read full article.

A 30 sqm attic renovated according to urban planning

Untitled architecture designed a small interior in Milan applying the rules of urban planning, transforming the house into an organic and stratified system. With transversal languages the young studio embodies a profoundly up-to-date way of approaching the project: the author’s anonymity, opposite to the search for identity of (re)designed places. Read full article.

Roof tiles become shoe displays in Camper store by Kengo Kuma

For the Camper shop in Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona, the Japanese architect was inspired by the Catalan vault and Mediterranean ceramic tiles. “We were interested in the idea of displaying each item separately, with its own space, giving more emphasis to the products.” This is how Kengo Kuma & Associates describes its latest interior design for Camper. Read full article.

Vienna interior tributes Adolf Loos’ American Bar

The Austrian master’s famous Kärntner Bar has been interpreted in a fresh way by four Viennese architects and artists, who wrap the space in a square pattern. According to the authors it is a replica of the famous Kärntner Bar in Vienna, designed in 1908 by Adolf Loos, but we also see some of the radical abstraction of practices such as Archizoom and Superstudio. Read full article.

Making a forest with an arch: the case of a space for kids with disabilities in Japan

In Joyo, near Kyoto, an arched ceiling reproduces an indoor forest where children in wheelchairs can play easily. Halfway between a kindergarten and a playroom, Joyo Park is an open space plan designed not only to facilitate movements with a wheelchair, but also to immerse children in a “protected” forest. Read full article.

Kid friendly design restaurant in Dubai