The best houses of 2023

We selected the best houses published on Domus during the year: evolutionary, in dialogue with nature and landscape, not only and necessarily built around humans alone.

We can say that 2023 helped us give content to an expression that would otherwise risk sounding quite vague: evolutionary living. What does it mean? The houses we have selected from those published along 2023 are capable of transforming themselves along time following new needs and stories, they are reuse projects – again, as for the interiors, we are very close the broad concept of renovation – but above all they are projects that establish new dialogues between indoor and outdoor, between human settlement and all the other components of what we call nature: ground, greenery, forests, animals. Boundaries are blurred, and scrolling through the selection the center of the scene shifts more and more from the human to other players: certainly not a complete and closed discourse, it is rather a subject, a realm to be explored more than ever, as we will explore the houses of the coming years.

Argentina: brutalist “resistance” in the mountains

The house designed by Agustín Berzero and Manuel González Veglia near Córdoba, Argentina, is a manifesto of "resistance" against a concept of immaterial and evanescent architecture as the result of contemporary “liquid” society, to quote Zygmunt Bauman, and of the virtual universe of hyper-technology and hyper-connectivity which increasingly replaces matter with image, the object with its representation. Read more

A house set among houses in Lisbon

An intervention in the consolidated urban fabric fits gracefully into the context without renouncing its strong connotation, thanks to material erosions and playful reflections. Read more

... and a house set in the grounds of a forest in Slovakia

The house set in the ground generously opens up towards the natural landscape, framed as the undisputed protagonist of the scene. Read more

A house in between archeology and the Canadian landscape

“Overall, I think 75.9 was designed after my studio understood its mission, which is to seek form in the ways we manipulate materials.” This is how Omer Arbel comments on his latest creation: an architectural marvel nestled within a picturesque hay field in northwestern Canada, not far from Vancouver. Read more

A garden-home in Ecuador

The Ecuadorian studio Al Borde has designed the house for a client who has studied ecology as an ecosystem envisioning a new relationship between man and nature. The dwelling's water closet and bathing area are located in two volumes independent from the main body, turning the external garden into the circulation space. Read more

An “imperfect” house in Bangkok