House in Slovenia

The house completed in Slovenia by Matej Gašperič reinterprets a traditional architectural typology for contemporary living, to host an elderly couple and their list of expectations and personal preferences.

A house for the best years
The house lies on the slope beneath the mountains, at the end of one of the stellar limbs of village’s plan, where everything – the mountains, the brook and the vegetation – heads south.
This one directional site led to the creation of non-conflicting stream of house’s volume. It is long and thin. The house humbly follows the natural slope but does not get higher at any point. It keeps its volume proportion fixed in height all the way up giving it a distinctive, unique look. Rich local architectural heritage has been respected on all levels. But the traditional details and solutions have not been simply copied but rather adopted and reinvented in accordance to contemporary materials, constructions and lifestyle.
A house for the best years
Biro Gašperič, A house for the best years, Trata at Velesovo, Slovenia
All of its three levels are functional and continue in one single direction or flow. The view from the porch opens into a clear, airy interior that gathers and keeps all of the sunrays from the south and transfers them deeper into the structure of continuous spaces. Different levels follow with only a few steps in between.
The interior is a special mix of storage, washroom, bathroom and bedroom free flux spaces that morph according to the way of use.

A house for the best years, Trata at Velesovo, Slovenia
Program: single-family house
Architects: Biro Gašperič
Principal in charge: Matej Gašperič
Supervision: Anri, Uroš Rigler
Project management: Anri, Uroš Rigler
Structural engineer: Ciril Bogataj
Mechanical engineer: Boštjan Rant
Electrical engineer: Jakob Lovšin
Area: 155 sqm
Completion: 2014

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