Michele De Lucchi remembers Ingo Maurer

“Thanks to him you can see the poetry of light”. In this letter Michele De Lucchi talks about the German designer, recently passed away.

Ingo Maurer

"Without taking risks, without working on objects which do not correspond precisely to a consolidated idea of beauty, our ideas will not develop, and the aesthetic quality of our work will gradually deteriorate... sometimes, less taste is more taste." (Ingo Maurer)

Ingo Maurer, Ru Ku Ku

Ingo Maurer: Ru Ku Ku

A light scale with a metal rod to balance an egg and a light bulb: with its delicate balance, Ru Ku Ku is among the novelties presented by Ingo Maurer at Light + Building.

Ingo Maurer Team, Dew Drops Floor

Dew Drops Floor

#95 The third and newest model of Dew Drops by Ingo Maurer is a flexible floor lamp, many of its parts can be inclined, turned around and positioned in various ways. #salone2015

2226 Building

2226 Building

“Less energy with less technology and lower construction costs” was the planning intention of be Baumschlager Eberle for this office block in Lustenau, Austria.

Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer at Light+Building

Among the new products presented by Ingo Maurer at Light+Building fair in Frankfurt Dew Drops, Luminophor and a silver limited edition of I Ricchi Poveri.

Ingo Maurer: Floating Table

Presented during Salone del Mobile 2013, the German designer's Floating Table for Established & Sons challenges conventions, creating a curious, unexpected floating object.

Ingo Maurer / Moritz Waldemeyer

Ingo Maurer / Moritz Waldemeyer

From prototypes combining the digital and artisanal worlds, to the re-edition of a 1970's original in an LED version, Ingo Maurer and Moritz Waldemeyer guide us through the many installations at the Spazio Krizia.