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Kasahara Design Work, Humming Plaza Vip Niigata (St. Voile), Niigata

St. Voile Chapel

For this wedding chapel in Niigata, Japan, Eriko Kasahara created a white clean space ispired to the wedding veil with a series of interconnected pipes.



In designing the St. Voile Chapel along the Shinano River Kamitokoro, Niigata-city, Eriko Kasahara focused on keeping balance with the existing main building for wedding.

The design concept is a “wedding veil”, translated into a clean space that surrounds the holy ceremony and dance blessing two people.

The veil is represented by a structure of pipes, indipendent from the one of the skeleton: when we look up, several pieces of cloth seems to dance in a ceiling flutteringly, catching the light from the ceiling.

Humming Plaza Vip Niigata (St. Voile), Niigata
Program: wedding chapel
Design: Kasahara Design Work
Area: 162 sqm
Completion: 2014