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The design of simplicity

From Mies van der Rohe’s "less is more" to Dieter Rams’ "less, but better", simplification has always been a leitmotif in the history of design, and today it has become a matter of life and death.

Plants at home, a Domus archive chronicle

An investigation about the representation and use of houseplants in modern interiors in the first half of the 20th century.

Domus 1048 on newsstands: “The nature of our imagination”

In this issue David Chipperfield visits Finn William’s studio; Bernd Scherer states the need for a new alphabet of living in society; theatre director Robert Wilson tells us about his personal collection of chairs. Browse the gallery and discover the contents of the July-August issue.

The East, the image of the other

In European culture the East has always been the Other, a mirror that told us who we were. Especially with nineteenth-century painting, in which fascinations, references and influences from the Middle East to Japan still reveal arcane truths.

Silvana Annicchiarico

The new Italian design

Young designers are inquisitive and free of dogma, they know how to navigate beyond the postulates of the past and they are not afraid to experiment. A tour through new design in Italy.

Tiffany Godoy

The digital world is an important part of fashion, and now we need to rethink everything

From fashion to digital and what is alternative today, the street has taken on a fundamental role in the culture of recent years. But what has the street become, after the global lockdown?