A different take of the electric Vespa

The designer Giulio Iacchetti and the Indian studio Mightyseed Designs reinvent the cult object, with a new aesthetic and functional twist.

Who doesn’t remember Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn in the famous scene of the movie Roman Holiday on a happy and carefree journey on the legendary Vespa 98?

Today that Vespa, that icon of neorealism consecrated also by the cinema of those years, reinvents itself in the model designed by the Italian designer, compasso d’oro winner, Giulio Iacchetti and in the prototype of the Indian studio Mightyseed Designs. Iacchetti rethinks it electrically, slender, minimal, with fine lines, exactly as if it had come out of a stylized design.

Its Vespampère, (just to recall the electric), eliminates all superfluous elements and aims at the elegance of the essential. There is the classic round LED headlight and in the dashboard there is space for a smartphone from which you can manage, with an app, all the functions. Iacchetti maintains the rounded design, thinning the side shells. In the rearview mirrors it integrates the direction indicators.

The Indian guys at Mightyseed Designs, on the other hand, have literally projected the retro lines of the Roman Holiday protagonist into the future: the handlebar, which in the classic 50’s was slightly curved, has become a straight bar in their design. And the large rear belly remains, a tribute to the ancestor, designed for a real holiday and not only for urban mobility.

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