An atlas of the design objects in tv series

Tv series turn design into a fundamental element of their narration, making it part of the collective imagination. Here’s an updated list of all design pieces, thanks to the contribution of Domus readers.

More and more design objects “inhabit” films and tv series.

Sometimes, these objects only play a decorative role, other times they give character to a space or an environment or even to the narrated story.

With this article, we would like to start a collective census of the design objects that appear in movies and on tv.

Les Papillons Noirs

A thriller series by Olivier Abbou and Bruno Merle.

Les Papillons Noirs, Netflix

Low on inspiration, an author accepts to collect the memories of an old, retired man who wants to leave a trace and a memoire of the most relevant events of his life. An insane love story emerges from the old men’s words: his lover Solange and him have been a serial killer couple who left a brutal trail of blood in 1970s France. But someone else is also investigating his shady past…a tv series that stands at the crossroad of eroticism and cinephilia, with echoes of William Friedkin and Brian De Palma’s movies.

Setting and design

The set design compellingly recreates certain interiors from the 1970s. The house of the two lovers, for instance, has the typical floral wallpapers of that period and even has a two-story doll house; while in the house-studio of the photographer the two lovers meet, the furniture and the mise-en-scène give off all the nonconformity of the Pop culture of the time.

There’s a shiny Pastil Chair, designed by Eero Aarnio in 1967, with its unmistakable simple, ergonomic, and comfortable shape.

In the various episodes of the series, there are also Willy Rizzo’s mirrored round coffee table and the must-have Sacco chair (1968) by Zanotta, an informal, anatomic, and innovative bean bag chair that, with its mere presence, can recreate the atmosphere of an entire time period.

Outdoors, the silhouette of the Fiocco lounge chair by Busnelli designed by Gianni Pareschi and a whole bunch of rush furniture also make their appearance.

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