From climate change to climate challenge

With its tenth issue, DomusAir turns its lens on climate change, reading it from the perspective of the climate challenge. It's not just a play on words: this challenge must become everyone's challenge.

‘Climate change’ is a phrase that can put any conversation, and a fortiori a newspaper (verba volant, scripta manent) in a difficult position. Because from making sense to stringing together a series of clichés is a very short step, and we have constant proof of this.

The reality is that when we talk about climate change, about the change that is evidently underway and which is witnessed by the increasingly frequent events that change the axis of territories, regions and cities, too many levels get mixed up: the scientific, the historical, the economic and financial, and the anthropological.
Trying to reason about climate change, i.e. how the driven anthropisation of the planet has produced over the last three centuries an imbalance with respect to the conditions that made biological life possible and flourishing as we understand it today, means tackling the summa of complexities, which brings us back to the fundamental questions of being: who we are, where we come from, why we are here, where the here is the Earth and the era in which we live.

Is it the task of a magazine that deals with infrastructure as the lesser-known side of architecture and global associated life to shine a light on this mostly still obscure horizon? We believe so.
Because designing, all the more so designing complex systems such as a city or an intermodal regional transport infrastructure means first of all putting at the centre of reflection these primordial and essential questions for the human being, which are expressed through the theme of relationships: between people and people, between people and places, between habits, between interests, between aspirations. And it means doing so not in a theoretical field (or, at least, not only), but under the impetus of a real need, which must lead to a concrete result, and one destined to last for decades. Perhaps even longer.

That is why, with its tenth issue, at the end of the first three years of this innovative editorial wager, DomusAir brings its lens to Climate Change, reading it from the perspective of the Climate Challenge. It is not just a play on words. Climate cannot be a land of recriminations, political barricades or economic interests. All legitimate. But first it must be a land of challenge to put in the field, each for his part, the best of imagination, capacity for innovation, cultural proposal, and the courage to make system and enterprise. In this sense, DomusAir in its albeit brief experience has set a standard. It is a medium that interrogates, that poses questions, but above all proposes answers, solutions, feasibility.
They are not always, and not necessarily, the absolute ones, the unquestionably right ones, but they have the power to move other ideas, to be inclusive with respect to this challenge that must be and become everyone’s.

DomusAir itself is an infrastructure, like any media but perhaps a little more than many others. Composed of relationships, of plans, of levels, it represents a tool through which the Domus system is completed and enriched, and looks ahead to the next three years of this experience, which continues with mutual satisfaction together with the newly founded One Works Foundation. And especially with its scientific director - and friend - Giulio De Carli. These are the tributaries of the pool of expertise with which we at Domus create DomusAir, which we see as a signal to respond to the increasingly complex challenges we face every day. Challenges for which we need secular thinking, innovative solutions and breaking free from too narrow circles where different skills can be transformed into good ideas and good practices. There is still a lot of work to be done, fortunately

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